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should Z-tech have their buyers come pick up the crafts, or will we use ships to bring them?

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Mar 23, 2020
My new submission to Ztech: the Tryetech Spearhead! A supermaneuverable rapid-response hovercraft, this baby has absolutely stellar controls and proficient speed. With it's 6 avalanche launchers, you really don't want to be kited by this hovercraft.

Weaponry: 6 avalanche launchers
Top Speed: 97kph



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whats this kingdom
guess I can explain. We are a kingdom were we accept the ones with the bright minds and ideas, where schemes and building regulations don't exist. We love pushing the limits on what is possible, and we embrace the whacky and weird designs we can get. I myself run the kingdom, popping on and off from time to time, maybe building some of our staple lines(no worries, you can create your own lines and have fun!), and I always love seeing how this place can grow. (Also, as a side note, with ZTech my main mission is to make planes easy to fly, fast, maneuverable, and still pack a punch)


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May 9, 2021
May I join Z-Tech as someone who uses explosive bolts to propel blocks, grenades, antigravs, wheels (and everything in-between) at the enemy?
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Founded ZTech and BlackWing, Chief of N.A.S.F-01
In other news, I decided it's time to return, and begin playing TT, and doing what I do best. ZTech earned my love for being the longest community I was in or created, being about 3 years old since the idea. I mean, back in Jan, when I was coming on here fully, after browsing it in 2018, I thought, hey, these kingdom things look amazing, but I'm not sure if I should do it. Then, few months later, in the lemon kingdom, I was messing with the idea of a plane, a plane that is different than the rest. back then, the planes I always saw were bulky, slow, and hard to control. I got some success with the GA microscout(I'll link it here), the gyro plane that sent me into comm core, and then, my true plane, the first one now in a line of planes that are sleek, fast, easy to control and maneuver, the Z1, came out.