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should Z-tech have their buyers come pick up the crafts, or will we use ships to bring them?

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Founded ZTech and BlackWing, Chief of N.A.S.F-01
well, it's the holidays, so expect more stuff from me. also, I'll announce this now. originally, the Zpro series were only zero propellers powered craft, but as the Zair section has gotten stable jets, the Zpros starting with the Z-7, will be classified as professional aircraft, using all types of propulsion.
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Founded ZTech and BlackWing, Chief of N.A.S.F-01
when I said Z-7 willl be the first of the new Zpro rename, I meant Z-6. it's inspaired by a stream of comn core when the Z-4 was unveiled, and the devs took a wing out, but it was flying very stable still. it i also a request I got a while back on my pofile status, saying will we make wack techs to be different than the other kingdom's techs. and I've decided to make this craft in that request. it will be shorter in length than the Z-4 and maybe the Z-5.
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Oct 14, 2017
I dunno

General Douglas

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Feb 4, 2019
Your new tanks are ready! The USLA M125 Grizzly and M125A1 Grizzly (Nicknamed "Kodiak") are formidable MBTs (more of a small landship actually) that have made use of the new Type 45 Naval gun! They'll be much stronger when they buff the thing because it is really underpowered for what it should be, they'll still look cool in the meantime though!

Desktop Screenshot 2020.02.05 -


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