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Oct 4, 2019
"_Peter_Harris_Work_Log 13.slog"
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"-ow does this thing work? Oh- it's on? [The person speaking clears their throat] This is General Yuriko Sakurai. I know what you might be thinking, but no I actually am not a captain at all. The scientists and lower ranking officers like Peter call me captain because I captain a lot of the Youkai landships. [Yuriko sighs] Poor Peter, I honestly really liked him, but well... I still have plans for him... Some things have to remain secret for now, but even still if Peter did get his message out there it’s already too late. The Dark Star Project will enure our victory. People have had their suspicions about it like our beloved Peter, but it hasn't killed anyone... yet. GreenTech made some tech to project a corrosive field, but with the use of a combination of a Zero Point Splitter and Proxima Dark it became so much more. During our first test it opened an interdimensional portal. We still don't know where it leads to, but whatever is coming through is plasmic and has accidently harmed a few scientists. After fusing it with some of our own tech however, it's destructive power has been increased tenfold and it can now deal two types of damage."

Attention! This thread is going to remain lore based but I will post more blocks on a separate thread as to not confuse people or myself
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Apr 8, 2020
This mentioning if a corrosive void sounds like the concepts behind a certain corp concept I’m helping draw concepts for...hmm...