You had the Almighty Cube invisible/doesn't spawn bug? Come here.


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Nov 3, 2023
Okay, so this is not as simple as i wanted it to be. For any bugged quest, but using the almighty cube as an example, we can erase the quest progress and status in the save file so that it reappears in a outpost and you can accept again. This will work in any bugged quest, you just need to know the game's name for the quest.

For the almighty cube 03, this is the process:

1- go to the closest BB outpost, near to the almighty cube quest location. It need to be at least 500m of minimum distance. Save, and close the game.

2- Second, download 7Zip. Only 7zip will work.

3- Then, you need to find you save folder in my documents > my games > terratech > saves> profile name> campaign > your save name.
The save file is a .sav file with the exact name that appears in the "load" menu

4- Backup all your save files in case you mess something up.

5- After the backup;
Right click the bugged .sav file, and in the right mouse menu, select "7zip" then "extract here"
You will see that a file with no extension will be extracted.

6- Open notepad, drag this file into the notepad.

7- Erase quest from the save file (It will make it reset. )

This is the tricky bit. Your mission data is stored in a data structure with info of progress, location of quest, quest status and, history, and such.

It will begin with the header:
{\"m_EncounterDef\":{\"m_Corp\":2,\"m_Grade\":3,\"m_Category\":\"core\",\"m_Name\":\"GC Almighty Cube 03\".................
You will know you are at the right spot because of the GC Almighty Cube 03 (Or 02 or 01 if you had a bug in these quests)

And finish with
"m_Next\":0},\"m_CallengeSafeAreas\":[]} (or something a little different)
then be separated with " , " then other
{\"m_EncounterDef......" for another quest starts.

So every mission starts with "{\"m_EncounterDef\" " ...... and it ends right before the next {\"m_EncounterDef\" separated with ,

So, you need to erase the entire quest status, so it come back to the BB outpost for you to grab it again. Begin deleting everything from
↓↓Begin here↓↓,{\"m_EncounterDef\":{\"m_Corp\":2,\"m_Grade\":3,\"m_Category\":\"core\",\"m_Name\":\"GC Almighty Cube 03\".................
until the
"m_Next\":0},\"m_CallengeSafeAreas\":[]} ↓↓STOP HERE↓↓, {\"m_EncounterDef......

It is vital to not erase the one and only one " , " that separate a encounterdef to another one. You need to erase all the encounterdef of the almighty cube 0(yournumber) but let one "," separating the quest before it from the quest after it. If you see two ",," separating the end of a encounter to the start of another, you did not erase one of the ",". Look in the above example, that i started erasing the "," before the Cube mission but let the "," at the end of it alone

If you had another quest bugged, search for any keyword for that quest (Learn to fly,SuziVroom, Plateau run...) and do the same as above but for thatspecific CORE quest ( The Core keyword flags a main quest quest)

8 - After you edited it, you will need to compress again, with 7Zip, in the option "Compress to file..." so that a menu appears where you can choose the format. You need to choose Gzip.

9- After it compresses to GZip, you will receive a file with the extension .gz, change it to .sav.

10- Open the game. Notice that the almighty cube quest vanished from the quest list. You are closest to a BB outpost, as i instructed, so open the quest journal in the BB outpost, to accept the cube quest again. If you did that process for another quest, it will be the same.

11- The almighty cube (or other quest and npc/structures ) will respawn in another close but different location than the bugged one. You can finish it normally, i really recommend you prepare yourself to a great extend to avoid entering and leaving it again for some reason, so there is no way it can bug again.

It will finish successfully and the almighty III will appear in the outpost to be accepted.