Yeah, you guys kinda just broke TerraTech...

Y'all agree with my (still important) midnight rambles?

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Jul 1, 2016
So first off: lots of bug fixes, thanks for that. I hope this will continue.

However this is not enough.

Below is a link to the latest thing I made on the steam workshop. It's a tank, a pretty cool one at that. I made it using a multi-tech turret that took me hours to make work. So you can already tell that I'm a bit p!$$ed that the new unstables broke it.

But now add to that that it just recently got front page on the workshop, like front front page, and I'm just plain s̶u̶i̶c̶i̶d̶a̶l̶ mad.

Here's a link to the Testoil (my tank), though all you would need to find it was click on TerraTech in your steam library and look at the three main workshop techs.

So here's 3 things that I'd like to point out.

1. As you can quickly tell from the first few seconds of moving the Testoil around, it has basically turned into a drift car. The four hovers I had put onto the bottom side of the craft to give it a couple more mph now take away almost all of the friction off of the warhorse wheels, which in turn makes it unable to climb hills. Annoying? Yes, but that's not even the worst part of it.

2. The damn turret broke. Some update with bindings and such made some things get messed up on the turret shaft, and I'm just kinda confused as to how. You guys might want to check this out, because this is actually kinda concerning. Basically, the Testoil's turret works by having a shaft covered in Venture 5-way steering thingamabobs hidden within a 3x3x6 well. On the bottom of the shaft is one of those exp middle bearing things, and on the bottom of the well is an exp ring. You press x, the turret falls into the ring, and the hovers spin the turret. Easy. In the previous versions this system worked very well at making the turret spin and made for an excellent anti-vehicle gun, since I could now harness the power of two Battleship cannons able to hit anything on an axis. It also worked half decently with a turret AI. Please look at this and fix pls :(

3. The Warhorse wheels are not at all warhorses, more like war turtles. They're very weak for how big they are. The Testoil is suspended upon 12 of them, and it can't get up some of the easiest of inclines. Thank goodness I put thrusters on there. Maybe you could do a little buffy-buff to their torque (not speed) and make them a very good way to suspend a heavy vehicle. That'd be nice, since they do indeed look heavy-duty and can fit into some places biggers wheels can't.

Ok, so I've listed the problems with the Testoil, now how do we fix them? Well, there are multiple ways to fix them. I will put those in a list as well, because I like lists :)

1. My tech wasn't the only one ruined by the new buff to hovers. I honestly can't imagine what was going on inside the dev's heads while they were implementing the buff. "Boss said buff the hovers." proceeds to change a 3 to a 30
Yeah, no, this ain't gonna work out. So many people's everythings got ruined by this. The hovers being a bit stronger would be nice, but this strong is basically making hovers unusable.

2. Many people's techs might or could have been salvageable because they didn't use that many hovers. While the first step should be trying to buff out the bugs, the second step should be "hmmm. How do we allow people's creations to continue existence while we're experimenting with new features?" Answer is (maybe) simple. I've seen other games allow people to update their workshop items, replacing old files with new ones without making a new submission and losing the update in the depths of the steam workshop. Maybe you could add this feature to the game so that people like me could take off all of the hovers on their Tank before everyone unsubscribes? This would be very beneficial for many other purposes, but this is one of the main ones.

3. Please... PLEASE make it so you can use different versions of the unstable. After this fiasco is all done and dealt with, you might run into this type of issue again. If you'd just keep all the unstables in the steam betas list, hundreds of people's techs wouldn't have [BROKEN] next to their names in the workshop. We could just go back a version and wait patiently for you guys to fix whatever you might need to fix. I know the unstables are indeed unstable, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to not have access to more stable unstables. Just remove all of the old unstables when you got the stable all good and set and you're ready for more unstables after that or something. Just please, PLEASE stop limiting all our unstable to the latest.

Thank you and good night
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