[Xbox One, Framerate Issues

Jan 31, 2019
I'm sure this has been reported however I cannot find a post that is of the current build.
The framerate has intermittent 'stutters' that occur when travelling through chunks and aren't that much of an issue. Just listing this to clarify that the fps drops I am referring to are end game and occur mostly during missions to defeat groups of enemies, turrets, bases and defense missions.

Basically overwhelming weapon spam brings the game to a griding halt. Game actually is unplayable during all of the above mission types usually around GSO rank 5 (sometimes oversized turrets with numerous lasers can cause this earlier, as well as the 3 pound cannon spamming types).

I ran up a new save into endgame and didn't unluck Geo at all to try and limit the monolithic pyrimids of megatons. It actually improved the gameplay significantly so long as I don't do any of the previously mentioned missions.

Mostly I am reporting this to see if there is going to be any improvements to the fps issue, and before anyone says it, No, I'm not going to buy a new xbox one x.

Thanks bunches,