xam5021's mishmash of modded blocks


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Jun 17, 2019
Doing this now
This post is very likely to be edited.

Ok so, I've been assembling a few modded blocks over the past few months and thought I'd put them online somewhere
Literally none of these are mine -yet, hoping to change this at some point in future- There are no weapons in here and I'm really hoping to upload all of the modded blocks I use at some point so I don't need to keep ruddy subscribing and unsubscribing to them on steam whenever I want to have a chance at crash free multiplayer. (I ramble a fair bit, can you tell yet?) Either way, if you're seeing this and have some blocks which can be added to this amalgamate, please do.
Here be a link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GsH0hsqq8swYh-5oRQ3o79y4IlHDFlUt?usp=sharing
TTMM mods that might be relevant:
Nuterra.native options
Nuterra Block Injector Library
Buff blocks
mod config helper

Oh boy, a Wishlist! These are just blocks that I'm looking for and can never seem to find, if you have any of these blocks on file, please let me know!
More BF building blocks
  • Wider stream blocks.
  • 4 smooth face block, wherein the only faces with APs are on opposite ends.