WWII Decorative Modpack


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Jun 13, 2020

Have you ever look at your armored vehicles and think 'hmm, i need something to make it more alive'? Look no further friends, I gotchu...

This pack has some assortments of decorative details to liven up your tech, especially if you're interested in WWII military vehicle replicas.

We got some jerry cans, ammo boxes, medkits, toolboxes, shovels, axes, pickaxes, sledgehammers, hooks, wire cutters, fire extinguisher, helmets and gas masks.

Suggestions are welcome because I've no idea what to add next at this point.



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Jul 19, 2018
Things to add, decoratively?

Honestly, I think you'd gotten most of the things I'd have suggested first, so great job!
But I can think of a few, ...

Literal logs strapped to the sides.
I'm aware they were used as armor, and if you don't want to do them because of that then that's fine.

just the vision-port, like what is most often seen ringing/encircling the commnder's cupola, the driver's viewport in the forward upper glacis, or on the end of tank binoculars

A loop of cable
like, for a winch, probably with a hook/clamp on one of it's ends.

A Winch.
yes, this is only here thanks to the bit about cable reminding me that winchs exist.

Spare tread section.
yes, I know, Terratech went to a bit of effort to explain that all their "tracked" whels aren't linked-plate track, but instead treadmill belts. I don't care, WWII tanks carried spare track sections, so it should be there as a decoration

Rolls or loops of barbed wire.
literally like what was used, and is often still used, as infantry deterrent.
(and can commonly be seen atop prison fencing, to deter convicts from climbing.)
rolls being the wire still on the great big wheel is was shipped in, and loops being a bit more, deployed.
(like when it is in-use as an infantry deterrent)
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