World Difficulty sliders!!! More replayability, more fun for all kinds of players!!

Is this a great idea?

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    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Seems legit

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  • Nah i'm a looser I don't want TT to become a lot more fun for everyone

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  • I'm voting no but in reality this is an amazing idea.

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  • Some other reason why this isn't a good idea (let me know!)

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AKA Terro
Aug 21, 2017
The stars and beond.
Why hello there! I decided to play TT a bit recently, and I forgot how much fun it was, but it’s still really easy… I’ve seen a lot of people ask for world settings, but I think it can be taken one step further. Basically, sliders (Plus a few checkboxes) to make your own custom difficulty. For the little kids, they can have a campaign where they have 10x health and they can blow stuff up with impunity, and the *ahem* hardcore gamers among us (Don’t even think about it) can force ourselves into melee only but buff it so it’s reasonable (Considering you have to drive straight into explosives) etc… or make all weapons useless (except maybe for a recoil flyer lol) except all lasers are deathrays.

We can add more later, but this is what i’ve come up with.
This applies only to player/ These only apply to enemy techs / all techs, enemy+player overrides unless unmodified/ Environmental stuff+ modding SPECIFIC blocks (Applies to all techs)
Player Stats / Enemy stats/ /Tech stats/ Global stats

/Player Stats/ (Identical to enemy and tech stats, won’t even include that)

Block health% (0%-1k%)
Block weight% (1%-1k%) (not free anti grav, tho it is basically lol, the player needs to be able to move around XD.)
Engine torque% (Acceleration, 1%-1k%)
Engine speed% (1%- 1k%)
Suspension stiffness% (Weight capacity, different from torque) (give me ideas for max/min, didn’t mess around with mass before so i don’t have a good sense of it other than GSO=1)
Suspension damping%
Suspension height% (how much higher/lower it’ll go than min/max.)
Energy Cap.%
Energy Regen%

Shield Consume%
Shield Diameter/radius%
Shield use energy consumption%
Identical for repair

Fuel cap%
Fuel regen%
Thruster consumption%
Thruster power%

Propeller speed%
Propeller angle° (45 is optimal, 90 is straight forward, will make torque left/right, 0 acts like an airbrake.)

General damage%
General Reload%
General Projectile scale% (Maybe not… I imagine this could get glitchy)

(Kinetic is non explosive, 0-1k for all weapons)
Kinetic damage%
Kinetic reload% (LAZER MACHINEGUN!1!!!!1!!)
Explosive damage% (includes fuel tanks)
Explosive reload% (obv does not include fuel tanks)
Explosive radius% (includes fuel tanks) Yeah… some of you would get mad at me, I know how this goes. It’s a lose-lose, just deal with it. Some of you want more op explosions, some hate it.

Laser damage% (let me know, does this include plasmas? And where do flamers fall here?)
Laser reload%

Melee damage%
Melee speeeeed% (Very fast is like the talon lasers or something, lots of hits low dmage)

Ok, now for global stats
Resource multiplier%
Air resistance (keeps techs from tumbling, it would be fun to FINALLY have REALISTIC (although bouncy) Crashes!!!!!!) or make everything move like it’s in water. Honestly, would anyone use this for anything except sending techs flying without that pesky air resistance?

Enemy spawnrate%
Max enemy count%
Edit; AAANDDD (an idea from discord)
Build... area... ok you know where i'm going with this, the reason it's in global because obv the enemy techs are just dependent on submissions, can't modify, player+enemy+tech are identical so i decided to throw build area limit for player in global. It's still not infinite (only 640*640*640, or 262144000 blocks (dare someone to fill that in, manually, have fun!)
And then just a list of blocks, same as creative inventory, but instead of a description, it opens a menu with the stats and sliders.

What do you guys think? I think this could give the game a new breath of life. It would add an insane amount of replayability. It might be a ton of work for the devs, but I think it is worth it!
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