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  1. Hydraesque

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    Do wireless chargers have any energy loss? Im planning on making an energy network in my base, but the utility poles are exchanging energy with one another constantly, so I'm not sure if that results in lost energy.

    Edit: also, do energy chargers go through blocks and solid terrain? I'm not sure if my energy chargers are being interfered by the terrain or it's just not long enough
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  2. Dynamix

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    On my experience,wireless chargers always give the same power to each other as long as there are no battery drainer on the tech/base where the base power is got,unless it charges much more than it powers things.

    Also they can pass anywhere.Even chargers on the other side will work as long it has the range.
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  3. ZeroGravitas

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    And it is actually possible to make a one-way line of wireless charging poles, despite their 'dumb' behaviour (by off-setting the charges out to one side).

    @Nightblade Greyswandir had a row of them setup that I fiddled with a while back, I think (got a link?)...
  4. Nightblade Greyswandir

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    I did make it and it did not worked. I can't find savegame right now... maybe I edited poles and saved it after...
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  5. Khaine

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    As long as the batteries are all connected to one another you won't have a problem. If you have unconnected clusters of batteries along a conveyor (for example), then some will keep trying to charge others. To the point where you have a never ending cycle of juice flowing from A to B to C and back to A.

    Also, energy chargers can sometimes malfunction and stop working for unspecified reasons. Exit the game and re-enter, it usually fixes it.
  6. Benbacon

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    To make a one-way charging station you need the towers to be wide and have the batteries on one side and the chargers on the other. Since a charger will only target batteries this makes one tower's chargers in range of another's batteries bu the second tower's chargers are not in range of the first one's batteries
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    Eh? That's not a thing...

    OK, I searched it up on my personal archive - it was this bug thread.
    And a save that I'd modified to work is attached here too...

    Edit 2018-06-15: I've moved this thread from "Open" to "Community Help" where I feel it just fits a little more snugly. :)

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