Wiki Overhaul II: Help is needed

Discussion in 'Open' started by streak1, May 11, 2016.

  1. streak1

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    For a To-Do list, see this link:

    To join us on our channel on Gamepedia's Slack Community, follow this link:

    So yea, I'll be straight here: the wiki has been neglected. When I first started working on it, it was pretty bad, but we brought it into an OK shape over a month or two. By we, I mean MNSweet and I, the two current Wiki Mods, and a few others. However, after starting college classes and getting a bit burned out from it, I stopped working on it. Not sure about MNSweet, but I haven't heard from him in a while. The point is, we haven't worked on it, and it is pretty outdated again.

    While I would love to bring the wiki back into shape again, it is a lot of work for just one person. Heck, it was a lot for the two of us before, and even got us Gamepedia awards because we did so much. Fixing the wiki is nice, and is definitely needed, but I don't want the wiki to turn into a full-time unpaid job for me.

    So, above is a link to a list document of things that we need to add/change on the wiki. Feel free to add suggestions and delete anything on the list that you have completed. Make sure to post your contributions to this thread as well, so I can verify them and make changes as fit.

    Most of the stuff should be pretty straight forward, simple text and pictures. Just copy paste from other pages and change the text as needed. There are also plenty of MediaWiki tutorials out there if you need them. If you need any help, feel free to contract me.
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  2. streak1

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    Thanks to whoever stickied it.

    First one to get crossed out is probably going to be the icons. Took a load of screenshots in R&D, and I am about to crop them all out.

    Now I just need to figure out how to make a gif for the colo(u)r blocks...
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  3. streak1

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    All hail hypno-cube... all hail hypno-cube...

  4. Jozroz

    Jozroz Well-Known Member TT Translator

    I would love to contribute, and though I'm an excellent writer I have no experience in Wiki editing. I'd gladly learn from you if you'll mentor me, though. :)

    "Aaaall haaaaail Hypno-Cuuuuuube.....!" @[email protected]
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  5. streak1

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    Rest of the icons for tonight. I'll do the rest tomorrow.

    Cool! Editing wikis is pretty easy for the basic things. The complicated part comes when you want to make templates and stuff, but for the moment, I don't think we need any. Just new pages and text and stuff.

    To create a page, a simple way is to just type what you into the address bar: you want to name it
    Then you go to the top of the page and click "Create".

    Another thing to note is that whenever you see a red link on the wiki, it is trying to find something that doesn't exist. For a file name, that would be an image or something. For simple words, that would be a page by that name. If you click that link, it will take you to make that page or upload that file.

    To edit a page, just click Edit Source at the top. That brings you to a page where you can edit the source code for that page. Again, I would suggest copying and pasting from a similar page, and just editing as needed.

    You can also try Edit, which brings you to an editor. You can compare it to the editor here on the forum, with the various buttons for things. Edit Source would be akin to clicking the button for "Use BB Code Editor". It might be easier for you, but I find it to be annoying. And for the copying and pasting from other pages, you probably want to use Edit Source for both.

    When you are done editing, make sure to preview the changes for Edit Source, then describe what you did at the bottom and click Save Changes.

    For uploading images, click Upload File on the side. That will bring you to a page to upload the file, name it, describe it, and tell what type of licensing the image has. Images generally have to have a specific name. For blocks, use the exact name of the block with no spaces, and then the extension. For example: GeoCorpPlasmaCutter.png

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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  6. Jozroz

    Jozroz Well-Known Member TT Translator

    Sounds great, I'll start contributing in a week when my schedule clears.
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  7. Jamie


    Good to see a push for the wiki again! :)

    We're happy to support you guys wherever we can. Be sure to get in touch if you need anything and we'll do what we can.
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  8. Jozroz

    Jozroz Well-Known Member TT Translator

    If we need mission-tech images for would it be possible to get .pngs of them from you guys? Then we could just load them up in-game and take screenshots as needed.
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  9. Jamie


    The missions will be changing very soon - but I can look into doing that once that happens for you :)
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  10. Jozroz

    Jozroz Well-Known Member TT Translator

    Looking forward to the new ones!
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  11. streak1

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  12. Jozroz

    Jozroz Well-Known Member TT Translator

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  13. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    I am willing to help. *Looks at state of wiki* :eek:
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  14. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Streak1 Old Banners

    Any of the missing block pages would be good. Like I have been saying, you can copy/paste from the other block pages, and then put in the right information. Recipe, cost, names, grade number, etc.
  15. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    OK, I'll take all the Venture stuff.
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  16. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    Venture pages are all caught up except for the Flight tab. I'll knock those out over the weekend.
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  17. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Streak1 Old Banners

    Some notes to make about the new block pages:
    • For the templates with the pictures, it has to be the exact name of the image file in order to display the picture. For instance, with the zoomer wheel, it would have to be named VEN Zoomer Wheel, since it would be looking for VENZoomerWheel.png Since the box is titled Venture VEN Zoomer Wheel, it would be looking for VentureVENZoomerWheel.png, which doesn't exist. And while it doesn't effect that, The title of the page itself should be named VEN Zoomer Wheel too, or Venture Zoomer Wheel and have some redirecting.
      • Of course, the file is EXPZoomerWheel.png, so I have to update the name of the file.

      Edit: Eh, forget the VEN thing. I'm gonna rename the files to Venture, regardless of what the game says. I'm sure they will rename it eventually. This doesn't change the fact that the title of the box needs to be exact, though.

    • If you want to tag a page for deletion, put {{delete}} at the top of the page.
    • If you want to make a page that redirects to another page, put #REDIRECT [[destination name here]] at the top. For example, if you wanted a page named VEN Zoomer Wheel to redirect to Venture Zoomer Wheel or something.
    • Here is a list of the various templates for the nav boxes to put at the bottoms of pages:
      • {{Flight nav}}
      • {{Control nav}}
      • {{Accessories nav}}
      • {{Wheels nav}}
      • {{Base nav}}
      • {{Power nav}}
      • {{Standard nav}}
      • {{Weapons nav}}
    I also made an Excel file with the different block names. I might add the descriptions too, and maybe other things, but it's only the names right now. I made the list from one of the assets the game uses, so it has some extra unused names for things that used to be or could be in the game. PM me if you want it.
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  18. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Streak1 Old Banners

    Edited the page for the EXP Middle Wing to bring it to Venture. Needs more info about the grades and such.

    Also put the new blocks in the nav templates. Anything missing should be in red.

    Made a new template: Block Infobox gif. It is the same as the other Infobox, but it is used for gifs instead of pngs. Had to make it so I could make the Colour Blocks page with the gif I made.

    There is probably some way that they could have been merged, but I have no idea how to do that. I'm not an expert of MediaWiki template coding, or any coding for that matter. @MNSweet @Pink Kitty ?
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  19. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    I started to do this this morning, then saw where the image wasn't working on the correctly named page. I thought I had best check here. Yeah, they caught me out by naming the first dozen blocks "Venture x" then switching over to "VEN x". I'll keep an eye out for that kind of malarky moving forward, and make the titles exactly match with the Payload Terminal. If you want me to go ahead and correct it now, it's no big deal. (but since you renamed the images, you probably don't want that! :) )

    While I'm typing here...Where are the rest of you? We still need curators for GSO, GEO Corp, and EXP pages. I challenge the rest of the Lemon Kingdom to step up and help out the community by helping Streak1 keep up the wiki! Earn that lemon block, folks.
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  20. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Streak1 Old Banners

    For the VEN ones, I'm just going to go ahead and call them Venture instead. Saves having to change it later. The majority of them should be identical to the names in game, and they have to be identical to the names of the image files in order to work.

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