Why are bullets/shells/lasers so slow?


Crazed Builder
Feb 25, 2015
Well, it would fix the "ERRMAGERRRED I NEED A SHIELD NOW!!!!!!" by giving your blocks a visible health bar and it would fix the issue with having to have a ton of batteries or other things that make up your tech.

Might be an idea to just have the shield block just shield the block it's in. Then a "big shield" shield it and the blocks attached. This way there'd be no more eye-sore bubbles at least.

As far as balance goes... it is beta.
Sounds to me that you would have everything you want on your tech, but you wouldn't really see them hopefully making it easier on the pc and giving better performence from the graphics card. No more bubbles or less of a visual for them would also help this I think.

Would definitely have to get the ejection order right for this to work. Would hate to have a shield pop out before an armor plate.

Cool idea, would just have to be added the right way to make it useable.

Have a good one