When will AI be improved and what sort of stuff will they be able to do?


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Sep 13, 2020
I've been waiting a long time to create some AI harvesters to go mine resources and then return to base with a full storage.

1. Should AIs have a mine attached to it will it be able to automatically anchor to a resource node.
2. Will they be able to return to the base once they have done their task and then repeat.
3. Will I be able to make multiple AIs stay in the same area as one another so they remain safe.
4. If they are set to repeat a certain task e.g harvesting and they are attacked, will they shoot back while continuing their task.
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Jan 3, 2015
Yeah I miss the old early access days when we had AIs runnin around gettin stuck on everything lol but unfortunately, the game has gone on a path where it can't go back to that, it seems.
One of the main reason for that is the tiny AI activity range, how everything is pretty much dead as soon as they get away a certain distance from the player... Kinda disappointing considering what some of the open world games in the recent years pulled off.
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