when is the new update going to come out on Console

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Aug 25, 2018
I love it when the "master race" tries to make the platform the problem. Everything worked the same before, why not now?
But it didn't work the same before. Consoles have always had problems. TT puts a huge strain on processor, which is why there's a block limit on consoles and not on PC. Game consoles don't have the raw processor speeds of desktops, because consoles are optimized for graphics capability instead. Secondly, Microsoft and Sony maintain much stricter terms for games than Steam. They both micromanage their console environments very closely, as demonstrated with the PS4 and mods for Bethesda games, or cross-platform play with Fortnight. Payload has to write a significant amount of new code for this update, and some of it will be exclusive to each console, duplicating time and effort. There's a reason you can't just burn a game from PC and run it in the disc drive of a PS4 and expect it to work. Just because this isn't self-evident to you doesn't make it any less true.

And seeing as we payed a higher price for a game with more flaws and less features, we're entitled to exactly the same in-game quality of life as you self righteous --------. We payed for the same product...
You didn't pay a higher price. Terratech on Steam and PS4 is $24.99, on Xbox its $22.99. You, in fact, paid less. Furthermore, you didn't pay for the same product. You paid for the Xbox version, which is, contrary to your deeply held belief, not the same product as the PC version. Those of us who paid for TT a couple years ago while it was in early access paid for a much less mature game than what you have right now.

More than any of this, my annoyance with you is over your bad behavior, not your impatience. Being insulting, swearing and cursing, and drumming up conspiracies because you're not getting your way. This is a cheaply priced indie game, and your behavior is excessively out of proportion to the issue at hand. That's what I have the problem with. You're a grown human, and this is childish, attention-seeking behavior. FYI, I suggest you edit your earlier post. Cursing/swearing will get you banned, but then again, I expect ZG will swiftly lock this thread as soon as he becomes aware.
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Jun 29, 2017
Yes. Sorry, I should have jumped in sooner.

I've now been through and deleted comments with inappropriate language and inappropriate sentiment that I feel crosses a line, awarding (temporary) warning points to those users. Please refer to the dev's threads on warning points and the forum's rules. If anything is unclear, or you feel is inappropriate, you can *privately* message me or @Matt, who obviously has the final say, as community manager. So things could change.

I'm very much against stifeling discourse and deleting information, so this is all a pity. There's also been been unnecessary antagonism here from longer standing members, too, not in keeping with:
7. Help to defuse disagreements amongst other members of the community rather than exacerbate them.
I'd ask that regualar forum users do not try to police new user posts complaining about issues. This is a job for mods, if it crosses the lines laid out in the rules. The devs can also defend themselves, so try not to become personally imbroiled if you decide to try to explain the situation on their behalf. Report inappropriate behaviour to mods and just try to ignore/unfollow threads you find personally irritating.
2. We are happy to hear about things you don't like regarding the game or the forums - so long as they are discussed in a constructive and positive way.
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