When is modding good enough?

gene brecht

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Dec 15, 2018
I've heard a lot of people say "I will get into modding when its official".
Which I have started to read as I'm waiting until I have the tools I need".
The Numerate project has shifted goal now that the mod loader is released. Which is to provide tools to enable others to create mods such as custom block-packs and the likes.
So to that extend, what tools do you expect? (so we know what tools to make)
How do you imagine making mods? (so we can make tools that are intuitive to use)
What do you think will be the limits of modding? (so we can push the boundaries of what you want)
What are things you don't want to have to do? (so we know what to automate / make easier to do)
What kind of things do you want to make? (not your ideas, just categories like custom blocks, new game mechanics etc)
Same thing if you are holding back on installing mods; what is holding you back? what do you want to see mods for before installing something like numerate? DX Lean Diet Forskolin
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