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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by awesome13579135, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. awesome13579135

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    Hey! I thought of some crazy new wheel types that I thought I might share with this lovely community. Note that these are not necessarily corporation specific, and could be applied to every corporation. Lets go!

    First: The Retractable Wheel.

    This wheel would essentially be a 1x1x1 (2x2x2 for GEO) block, which unfolds into a wheel when the tech is not anchored. This is similar to how cabs have small, folding wheels which deploy when they are on their own. The retractable wheel would make anchored tech building a lot cooler, and aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to elaborate more on how this would work, or how the wheel would look.

    Next: The Hover Wheel.

    This wheel is a hybrid wheel. Normally, it acts like a wheel (Duh). But, upon clicking a new button beside the "Load Anchor Snapshot" buttons, any hover wheels on the tech would turn sideways, similar to the Delorean in Back to the Future, or like in Mario Kart 8. The wheels are now in hover mode, which makes them function similarly to a hover. However, these wheels have lower hover power, which might be a blessing in disguise.

    Next: The Gripper Wheel.

    This wheel is the ultimate all terrain, hill conquering wheel. Through means of spikes or adhesive, these wheels would be able to scale almost any type of hill without sliding back. I'd imagine the Geocorp Jaws or Krusher wheel could be reworked to have this mechanic. The downside of the gripper wheels is that because they grip the ground, their speed is considerably slower than a normal wheel.

    Next: The Floaty Wheel.

    This wheel would be useful if water is ever added. Essentially, this wheel would look like an inflatable wheel. When it is put in water, provided there are enough floater wheels or the tech is light enough, would float. This would allow techs to "drive" across water. However, one downside of these wheels is that they are very weak towards enemy fire, allowing future enemy boat techs to pop your floater wheels. There could also be a hybrid-type floater wheel, which would function like a normal wheel on land, but would turn sideways and inflate upon contact with water. This would protect the floater wheels during land transport, but would not provide direct propulsion in water.

    Finally: The "Make Passive" Function.

    This is not necessarily a wheel, but rather a mechanic. Trailer wheels could be ditched in favor of adding a new option to the radial menu, called "Make Wheels Passive". This would turn any sort of wheel on the tech into a trailer-compatible wheel. This would eliminate having to make trailer wheels for each corporation, and would allow any sort of wheel or caterpillar tread to function as a trailer wheel.

    So these are my ideas. Feel free to elaborate on them, praise them, make concept art of them, suggest ideas on how to implement them, and other things.
  2. Soviet_Samuelson

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    Its all great, but i dont think water will ever be added
  3. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    I, for one, don't really care about water in the current system (maybe just splash some blue terrain and make vehicles go slower on it). Water's kinda redundant unless the game gets perfected to the point where people can sail around in destroyers and submarines.
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  4. awesome13579135

    awesome13579135 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was just a cool idea if water ever WAS added.
  5. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    too complex. Except maybe brakes on/off.
  6. WhitePaw2002

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    astra's boat and development block pack
    "Water is a mod but it's rubbish in that mod." ~ Jamie
    (I lost my shiny boat pic)
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  7. Dat Derp

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    Exited screeching.
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  8. Nyaruko

    Nyaruko The Crawling Chaos

    Could be a feature of the larger Venture wheels(monster truck and titan wheels), could also add similar looking but smaller wheels to both Venture and GSO.
  9. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Don't see the point of the floaty wheel. I mean if they ever add water in large enough amounts to need an amphibious wheel then I'd imagine they will probably add one.

    I like the idea of make passive though. I'd also like it if the passive wheels didn't steer (or have that as extra option).

    I'd also like to see a HE wheel of a similar size to the GeoCorp Behemoth in a similar way that the Big Boy and Bad Boy are similar. It's the best wheel IMO for decent mobility but doesn't look great with HE centric techs. Also a huge Caterpillar track for both HE and GC at least triple the size of the existing ones.
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