What other games do you play?

Discussion in 'Ramblings' started by Toybear, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Toybear

    Toybear Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity what other games are you playing at the moment? If any.

    I am currently completely drawn in to what can arguably be called the best space truck simulator ever to be made, Elite: Dangerous. ;)
  2. Noaksey

    Noaksey Well-Known Member

    As a YouTuber, The games I play vary but the last game I played was Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer
  3. Senorragequit

    Senorragequit SRQ TT Translator

    I play a bit of everything :)

    -C&C Zero Hour + mods
    -Planetary Annihilation (Since Alpha :D)
    -Really Big Sky

    yeeeeaaah...thats it :)
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  4. Noaksey

    Noaksey Well-Known Member

    So cultured ;)
  5. zytukin

    zytukin Well-Known Member

    Other games...that's kinda vague

    I play mostly open world games, I have a lot of them and I play them off and on depending on what I'm in the mood to play. Elder scrolls games, Minecraft, GTA series, Far Cry series, Saints row series, Sims games, Just Cause series, etc

    Also enjoy building games like Sim City, Zoo Tycoon, Prison Architect, etc

    Then there is also games like Crysis, Bioshock, FEAR, Portal, and Dead Space
  6. Jeff McGee

    Jeff McGee Well-Known Member

    I'm somewhat of a short attention span gamer. Here's a few of the shortcuts currently on my desktop...

    Terra Tech
    Subspace Continuum - Been playing this since beta in the mid 90's but usually for only 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
    Kerbal Space Program
    Worms Clan Wars
    Prison Architect
    Road Redemption - Alpha
    Pool Nation
    Planetary Annihilation
    Pixel Piracy
    Star Citizen
    Sim City
    Civ V
    Diablo III
  7. TheBox

    TheBox Well-Known Member

    Likewise Jeff. I'm pretty much running the same list on and off, with the additions of Robocraft, Castle Story (dur) and Minecraft.
  8. Sean Haddy

    Sean Haddy Well-Known Member

    Starcraft 2 (both melee and custom), also enjoy me some Assassins Creed, from time to time. I do a little Castle Story too, although I admit, I often close the game out of frustration, lol...
  9. TheBox

    TheBox Well-Known Member

    Well I'm the community manager for Castle Story. Hit me up if you ever need help with anything Sean. :)

    Back to TerraTech stuff though, last thing I wanna do is hijack a fellow devs forums, lol
  10. Noaksey

    Noaksey Well-Known Member

    Why don't you creat a new thread talking about this game you are part of. =)
  11. TheBox

    TheBox Well-Known Member

    I may, though I wouldn't want to without a go ahead from the devs of this. Respect and what not. I've always asked other devs to give us that respect in our forums and reddit, I'd be an awful hypocrite if I didn't do the same.
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  12. Noaksey

    Noaksey Well-Known Member

    Well as an Indie game journalist would you be so kind to drop me a dm / email about your game =)
  13. Macjordan

    Macjordan Well-Known Member

    I play a ton of LoL and Just Cause 2.
    From time to time DIII
    And sometimes i play one of my Million unplayed Steam games :D
  14. Random RDP

    Random RDP Boxed Game Backer

    quite a lot of Terraria & VVVVV on my PC and some Titanfall on my xbox.
    Also what does your block do?
  15. Toybear

    Toybear Well-Known Member

    If you are talking about the one in my signature the idea was a GSO block that could suck up (and harvest) resources and throw them backwards on to tractor pads. But i will iterate more on this idea seance it is probably far of until the backers gets to work with the team. :D

    link to larger image: http://gfycat.com/BothUnlawfulAntelope
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  16. bogieman987

    bogieman987 Well-Known Member Mining Recruit

    The current games I'm addicted to are Sim City and Robocraft.
    When TT becomes more fleshed out, it will definitely be added to the small list ;)

    On a side note, that block would be useful part for base building, as a refinery or something, as I assume you would have to refine the stuff you get in order to create things with 'em, that block could increase the amount processed at any one time. Kinda like having more refineries on C&C.
  17. Rikune

    Rikune Boxed Game Backer

    I have been spending most of my time with a few games, haven't been able to get more because of the location I'm at. I'll love being able to add TT to this list.

    Space Engines
    MindCraft FTB
    State of Decay
    Game Dev Tycoon
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  18. Noaksey

    Noaksey Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh game on whats your Steam Name?
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  19. Macjordan

    Macjordan Well-Known Member

    Should be Macjordan02 (others can add me 2. Just state you are from here)
  20. Noaksey

    Noaksey Well-Known Member

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