What is this giant monument?

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Dj_Xyster, Aug 17, 2016.

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    @Litsman3d The devs can't tell you what you can and cannot do(unless it's spreading game files which is prohibited), but you can look on the forums or on the streams to know what's going to happen next so you're prepared.
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    I don't know that they'll disappear at all, but they're not safe places to build necessarily. AI will spawn up there from time to time.
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    Not supposed to if you have stuff around/on them. HOWEVER I have been seeing them dropping down on and around my bases for a long time but keep missing the screenshot and output log as I'm more concerned about saving my stuff especially in my games where I've progressed a lot.

    If you could get some screenshots (or video if you are a streamer/youtuber) and the output log when it happens (was told to save and quit as soon as it happened to get the log to show it but I keep seeing the remains from the techs lol and it happens before I realized it happened). This is if you have stuff and they drop down onto it when on/around the monuments or in general.
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    Dinng Ding Ding... your correct the Easter Egg is the sound... its t actually a slower tempo Thumper from the 1984 Movie Dune see the video at the Time Index for the easter egg

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