What If: AI Command Mode

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May 24, 2016
This is more of a pipe dream than a functional idea, so I post this in ramblings instead of suggestions because I pessimistically believe that it will likely never happen in TT.

That aside, I was musing over Battlezone: Combat Commander, an awesome game I play for my childhood nostalgia, when I was struck with a neat thought that I think would be really cool if it ever were feasible in TT: bird’s-eye view AI command mode.

A little explanation: in Battlezone, the gameplay is primarily fps-rts. However, there are these radar structures you build early on in a match that you can use to gain a bird’s-eye view of the map. You can command your units from this view, effectively allowing players to play the more traditional bird’s eye rts game.

Now, imagine being able to go into a bird’s eye view of your base and being able to load in AI’s and command them to do stuff! That would be freaking amazing!

However, this idea fits more along the lines of a pipe dream for a few notable reasons:
  • Configuring a new camera view, as I’ve heard from another indie forum, is no easy task.
  • Load distance restricts how far AIs can travel and do things.
  • A whole new button mapping would need to be configured for this play mode, likely a tedious task.
  • Such a change would completely change the game as well as how it’s played.

Now that I’ve shot down my own dream, I do have a thought. Perhaps a new game in the TT family could take a more rts approach? It might differ in some key ways (i.e. building or modifying techs can be done in a separate editor UI instead of in-world. Physics simulation could be simplified or perhaps avoided altogether, which would be a nice break, I’m sure.

So devs, if you ever decide to make a new game with this kind of concept, let me know cause I would love to play it.
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