What determines what enemy techs spawn?


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Jan 2, 2022
Hey, I've been wondering what determines the specific techs that spawn as enemies.

Originally I thought that it selected techs from a big preset list of techs (like in Spore), but I've soon found that most enemies I've encountered had names like "my first tech", "ur dad", or "the anhiolator". I thought it just took completely random techs from the Steam workshop, but some of the oddly-named techs I encountered were nowhere to be found there, so I'm a bit confused. It seems to reuse the same techs repeatedly as well, seeing how I must have encountered a dozen "DESTROYER OF WORLD!!"s by now.

Either way, is there any way to encounter only 'preset' enemies? Are there preset enemies outside of quests? While enemies are very common, the lack of 'quality control' on the enemy techs makes battles a bit weird, having to fight a lot of "player tech 4"s and "COME AT ME BRO!!!"s with few enemy techs with 'reasonable' names.


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There is an extensive list of techs bundled in the game assets that are forming what's called in enemy population.
The techs integrated in that population are wither made by the devs or by the community in the form of Community Core threads/streams where you can submit your tech and the devs decide whether or not to include it.

Some oddly named techs were probably added to that list in the early years of TerraTech but probably fit the size/power progression although could have been renamed.