What a perfect disaster.


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Jan 3, 2015
Lol so in recap,
We took more than 3 MONTHS for the tank challenge.
First few rounds were spent testing the magnet tech, often interfering with the battle by having blocks flying around. The magnet gets dropped after struggling with it for weeks, after having a significant part of the battles not shown on camera due to it.
The active ai range to keep the battle from freezing up was an issue from the start, yet we somehow marched the 3 months, enduring it.
Some rounds just fly under everyone's radar since there was no notice at all before stream, especially the one after the post-christmas hiatus.
The "final" round starts, and by stupid luck, the two towers go 1 on 1. Rook (most likely the strongest tech we got) comes out on top, but has not enough juice to kill Brikovatank which was screwing around in a corner. It dies just before Brikovatank does, but there is some insane frame drop that causes the stream to abort.
Guess what? There also turns out to be one tech missing from the lineup and the round is deemed invalid. The following week, the "FINAL" happens and Brikovatank doesn't get so lucky, not doing so well.
You guessed it. Brikovatank is my entry lol Hysterical.
All I can politely say is, what a mess, @Matt. Thanks a lot for the mediocrity the past however-too-long it's been. I was about to let the game go in the shelves until some development, but I think this puts a nice nail in the coffin for me.

(Btw I have never expected to win at all since my tech couldn't even beat my own tower designs that were too ugly to out out. All this poopstorm of issues we have seen time and time again is what gets to me.)


Jul 23, 2018
Hey @burger1113. I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. We did have some technical issues with the streams, which I wholeheartedly apologise for. We do our best to make the streams and Community Challenges and as fun and interactive as possible :)
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