Welcome TT Translators


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Oct 29, 2021
Hello everyone.
I noticed that a lot of things, especially towards the late-game, are still not translated (fully/correctly) to german... So I offer myself to help with the german translation of the game.

- I've been playing the game for a while now and completed it twice (currently 3rd playthrew). Recently, I also completed every steam achivement. (Btw.: They have 3+ spelling/translation/logic errors)
- Native German Speaker, fluent in dialect, slang and normal German, good english skills.

I originally made a seperate Thread, since I couldnt find any Info on how to offer/applicate properly: https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/volunteer-for-german-translation.22244/

HeX proposed to me that giving it a shot/anouncement in this Thread cant hurt.