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Mar 7, 2018
Hi guys, welcome to the TerraTech Unstable bug reporting forum!

The unstable build of TerraTech is a preview of the work in progress update we have been working on in the office, this can sometimes be buggy and as the name suggests, unstable. So if you decide to play on this build bear that in mind.

This is where bugs are posted for the Unstable version of TerraTech only!
If you wish to report a bug for the Stable version please use this forum!

The Stable build is always the same as the Unstable build that came before it. For example, when we released Unstable, we deemed this solid enough to be promoted to the Stable branch, and it became Stable 0.7.8. Essentially, they are identical. So if you keep you Beta branch set to Unstable, when we announce the latest Stable, technically you already have the Stable, and have already been playing it. It just has a different version number.

If we deem the build stable enough, it will then be promoted to a stable version of the game.

Reporting bugs
If you wish to report a bug please take a look at our bug reporting guide located over here to get you started!

How to switch beta branches
1. Right click TerraTech in your steam library
2. Select Properties
3. Select the 'Beta' tab
4. Click the drop down menu and select 'tt_unstable'
5. Close the tab and then you're done!

The next time you launch TerraTech you will be launching the latest unstable build. If you want to switch back, follow the same steps, but choose 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs'.

Save Games
We recommend keeping your stable game save files separate from your unstable save files, as there have been instances in the past where the unstable build can sometimes cause the save game to crash. We recommend keeping 2 different profiles for each build to ensure your saves are backed up and separate from each other.

Thanks for reading!
We hope you have a great time with the unstable build!
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