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Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
Hello! Welcome to this brand spanking new forum for all your R&D feedback needs.

Let's kick things off with some spoilers...

New R&D blocks coming in the next update -

EXP Small Plough
EXP Small Metal Wheel
EXP Small Girder
EXP Vibro Knife
EXP Small Machine Gun
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Oct 2, 2015
personally I'd rather have a really big plough, but I am very curious about the metal wheel and the small girder sounds like it will be cool. I'm liking the look of a lot of the new blocks, like the half blocks.
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Feb 25, 2015
I like where this is going. I saw some of those on the stream the other day and thought that they would take longer.

Very nice surprise.

Have a good one
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Aug 28, 2015
How quickly do parts get from EXP in R&D to in-game? Can there be a better mechanic for having access to EXP parts in story mode besides the Great Scavenger Hunt? I really don't see the point of using R&D for tech designs right now because there is no reliable way to access the parts which may have been used in the design in story mode. I'm sure there are people who love R&D building and don't mess with story mode but I'm not one of them.
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Jul 28, 2015
Well the Oozee MG has been in there for ages. So it isn't really set. More random and when the Devs feel like its done.


Oct 11, 2015
I'm assuming that this is the thread to post suggestions, bugs, and/or feedback on the game?

I'm not excited about the Oozee machine gun. It seems a bit under-powered. I'm not sure why you would use this weapon, as just about any other weapon is much more reliable(see aim, damage...ect.), and take up the same space. I and a few friends who concur with this assessment, see no purpose to use it. I'm sure there are some that love it, but I cannot find a justifiable reason to do so. Redundant is a word that comes to mind. If there are going to be cost changes, or other reasons in future to make this weapon more desirable than that is of course, a different story.

On the other hand, the EXP med battery is a great improvement, (if one can get one). Battery life seems to be a real issue with the small batteries. Power consumption/generation in general could use a bit of work.

Shields and repair bubbles shouldn't be using up power, or near as much power,(unless they are in use..IE: If they are working to defend or repair.) Having 10 batteries and your base running out of power just because its sitting there overnight, doesn't seem balanced, without a way to generate power reliably at night.

Power generation needs an automated way to supply stored fuel resources, when needed, and should not be generating power if none is required. Leaving you running out of fuel in daylight. *This also references selection problems, as I am terrified of picking up/ and placing a fuel resource by hand, due to the fact that this usually leads to me accidentally removing a structural component of my base, and having it fall apart completely.
It would be nice if the remote charge-ups(?) STOP charging when the batteries are charged, and not re-start until the batteries are below a certain charge say 80-90%. The "Bzzzt, Bzzzt" can get on ones nerves after a while, and drains the power supply of the attached structure or Tech. The ability to turn them off, is another idea, as I usually carry one on my tech to charge when away from base, and it starts giving power to the structure I'm trying to get power from. :(

Selection problems:
It would be nice if the selection block(currently white), would change color to indicate what action will result when you are trying to pick up, or release an object or element, so that you know if you going to destroy your base, pick up that dropped block of fuel, or place it in/on another object, like a bed, or generator, cannon, refinery, or scrapper. One suggestion was that some actions such as structural part removal, should have a hot-key that could prevent accidental deconstruction of large structures, or perhaps a "BUILD" mode.

Work is also needed on parts/resources getting stuck under and in, inaccessible places of your Tech. A lot of the time these pieces end up in areas where there is NO gap, and require the DE-construction of your Tech to remove them. (Not cool Dude, not cool!) :)
Perhaps a "load" mode, and "build" mode would be a way to fix some of these problems, like having parts attach to your Tech, when loading onto a bed, ect.

Repair issues:
It would be nice if parts that you collect, and techs that come within range of your Tech's repair bubble, would not get auto-repaired. Perhaps the "load" mode, or battle "mode" could turn off the auto-repair feature for "unattached" parts. Thus preventing battery drain, and the auto-repair of enemy Techs that come withing your repair bubble's range.

Fast Wheels:
The companies that create the faster lighter parts are great, but major work needs to be done on keyboard control. Currently, they go from 0 - full speed instantly, and steering is nigh to impossible, unless you weigh your Tech down to the point that the fast wheels are overloaded, and pointless. :)

Well, thats it for now. More thoughts to come.
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