Exploring Better Future
Nov 24, 2017
have you considered adding weather into the game yet? just as a visual obviously, unless you want it to affect traction of something

[(75%)clear/sunny - what TT currently is always
[(15%)cloudy - solar panels don't work, and it's as dark as dusk
[(10%)rain - solar panels don't work, wheels have less traction

(20%)windy - gives a slight impulse to techs (nerf flying techs again lol), maybe add wind turbines?

(2%)thunderstorm (when raining and windy) - solar panels don't work, wheels have less traction, chance for techs to be struck by lightning, dealing a large amount of damage to a single block, chances to be hit are higher the higher up you are (we need to nerf flying techs somehow right?)
Jun 16, 2020
I like the base of this idea, hope this isn't hyjacking to expand on it, will not touch the chances but have ideas.

Clear sunny: current setting, solar pannels work at 100%

Cloudy: solar panels work at 50% (solar panels do work when it is extremely cloudy but not as well IRL.)

rain: solar panels work at 25%, reduced traction.

Windy: wind comes from a direction adds air resistance from that direction, but a bonus in the opposite direction. more common in salt flats.

thunderstorm: solar pannels work at 10%, same effects as rain but also has lightning. Lightning does as the OP stated hits a block and does massive damage to a single block. Only hits anchored builds.

with tunderstorms come lightning rods, these are tall metal rods that when anchored call lightning to them instead of techs, they have a huge area of protection and each strike to them will generate a lot of charge. 4 strikes can fully charge a GSO battery.

I would also expand by adding a few biome specific storms.

dust storm: salt flats and pillar biomes only, while active reduces weapon range by 90% for all techs in the biome. can spill over to nearby biomes.

Charged storm: piller, and ice biome only, these storms have low hanging clouds charged with a strange purple lightning that archs between them. While active passively charges the batteries for all builds in it, but shorts out all shields in the biome.

hail: rain in ice biomes, passively damages all parts that are not covered by a shield, doesn't increase shield drain rate like being hit.