Weapon suggestion:Artillery


Defence enthusiast, Battle ship expert
Dec 9, 2018
As you said, there is also an issue of only being able to hit things within the limited field of view that the game will currently load, we can already make weapons that would technically hit things from many miles away, but you can't, because the game doesn't see them from that far :D

Point defenses are a good concept to explore, you might be aware there are already such weapons in modded blocks, but I've found their functionality to be mediocre, at best. Unfortunately, a lot of issues are again are just a result of the current limitations of the AI and the game itself. It just seems a lot more pieces need to fall into place before this can be explored much further beyond what we've already managed.
i usually like mods for games but for this game just atleast in my opinion mods dont really fit in well with the rest of the game and i believe that some things should be apart of the base game because if games have to rely on mods to fix or make the game work properly then there is something wrong with how the game works. dont get me wrong i love the game i have many a hour on it but it has some things lacking