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Nov 3, 2016
I've come up with an idea of a weapons that I really like happen for the game.

Cluster weapons - if it possible having a missile or bomb that could able to releases smaller ones after reaches certain range? It's not that strong but covers a larger blast radius, just for pure fun of destruction.
  • GSO Cluster Mortar - large and slow mortar fires a heavy shells that will scatter bomblets before it reaches to the ground.
  • GSO Cluster Bomb - a massive and heavy payload that suitable for flying techs. It has large amount of bomblets and affect its trajectory by movements.
  • Hawkeye Cluster Warhead - a large missile launcher that will scatter smaller bombs or missiles with certain range. Flies slow and heavy.
  • Hawkeye Cluster Missile - a large missile launcher that will split into smaller missiles that will seeks into multiple enemy techs.
  • Hawkeye Payload Cluster Mortar - like GSO's mortar but stronger and has more package.
  • Hawkeye IFV Missile Turret - a large turret (maybe as big as the HG1 Cannon) but even stronger version of Repeater Rifle and it's projectile fires much straight and faster and with burst, while firing it also shoot along with a missile.
  • Hawkeye IFV Gun Turret - its like the last that I mentioned but don't have missile, automatic, and slightly stronger.
  • Hawkeye Flak Turret - unlike the Reticule's AA cannon its explosive instead of repulsion, it can shoot both air and ground, fires rapidly before it reloads.
  • Hawkeye Squash Launcher - fires an unorthodox shells that is not very lethal but very disruptive of tech's blocks, it forces the block to detach but the damage were low or non-existent.
  • Venture Flak Turret - slightly weaker than Hawkeye's and smaller blast but it continuously fire at sustain rate.
  • Venture Cluster Missile - fires a seeker missiles that split into smaller ones, it's missile and cluster missile are very weak but has decent firerate.
  • Venture Cluster Mortar - quickly fires a mortar shells that scutters a few bomblets that covers in a small blast radius.
  • Venture Firecracker Mortar - fires a shells that explode upon impact that leaves a continuous small explosion, maybe it sticks to the techs' block surface almost giving like a "burning debuff."

based on IFVs and Ostwind tanks, it something look like this


while Squash Launcher based on real life HESH anti-tank rounds

And most of these are Hawkeyes because they're my most biased and favorite corporation in the game and it does fit for their militaristic firepower. But I think the concept of Cluster bombs is a fun concept and especially the Firecracker mortar but since I'm more biased towards to Hawkeyes but it may include to all corporations (except GeoCorp), anyway is it possible to add this "types of weapon?" And I kind of want to expand corporations' license grades as more blocks unlocks instead of stuck at grade 3.

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
The biggest reason I disagree with cluster bomb-type weapons is because they are most effective at mid- to long-range. In close combat they would be no better than basic explosive weapons, partly because of explosion mechanics. Long range combat is disproportionately advantageous to aircraft, and even with seeker missiles and the AA gun already in the game, aircraft are still among the best combat techs one could make.

In single-player campaign, enemies will always attempt to come up close to the player techs for combat, and their detection range covers a very small portion of a long-range weapon's area-of-effect. Unless enemy AI logic is updated to adjust to long-range strategies, and their detection range and loading distance increased, any more long-range weapons makes the game too easy for players.

I like the AA gun ideas, though. They would be fun and would add some new flavor to airborne combat. Also, the HE Squash Launcher would be great for Space Junkers (should the devs decide to add the Space Junkers corp), because it would be useful for salvaging blocks from defeated enemies.

Edit: I had earlier referred to "render distance" (the distance in which 3d objects are drawn), but I really meant the distance at which objects are loaded and updating. I do not know the exact word for this, so I edited to "loading distance." If anyone knows a more accurate term for this I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know.
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