[Weapon Idea]Graviton Bomb Launcher


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As the name suggestes, these weapons launch projectiles that drag enemy,blocks or resources into it.

This technology has been used by these cooperation with their own variants and tweeks.

Reticule Research: Graviton Surge Launcher
They are the first to discover this exploit and they are not afraid to abuse and push it to the limit.
GSL launches a heavy projectile which drags everything into it and damages them overtime, lasts for 5 seconds before its energy depletes. However, this block is expensive and it has one use only.
Damage: Moderate
Crowd Control: Moderate
Component Cost: Exotic

GeoCorp: G-Resource Imploder
The GRI fires a projectile that mines mineral rocks in a large area for soild 7 seconds before implodes and drags resources into the middle (But has no effect on techs and blocks). It has been modified to deal extra damage to rock but a lot less to tech for safety reasons, and cost. It is a high tier block and has a long cooldown before firing again.
Damage:Extra to rocks and trees, little to techs and blocks
Crowd Control: None
Component Cost: Complex

Venture: Gravity Halter
The GH (Or venture CEO called it, the traffic light) is a launcher that fires a small projectile that quickly implodes on impact and drag enemy techs into it. While it doesn't deal damage, it has a quick cooldown of 8 seconds and a reasonable price tag.
Damage: None
Crowd Control: Instant
Component Cost: Complex

Currently, there's no regulations regarding how much of these blocks you can put on a tech, but having multiple Graviton Weapons could potentialy leak and destory the user tech.

These block is inspired by Overwatch's Zayra' Graviton Surge and Orisa's Halt.
And the recent update that rocks and tree destories when you're in a combat area.

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