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Jul 9, 2016

This is a forum page/manual for WeaponAimMod, which is available on TTMM

On a basic level, WeaponAimMod provides several different options that manage target aiming, which can be enabled/disabled in the mod menu. (Go to Options, then click on the Mods tab. Use the arrows to navigate until you see the WeaponAimMod settings)

If all settings are disabled, WeaponAimMod will do nothing.

Projectile (Non-Missile) Features

When leading is enabled, it calculates the time till intercept as a part of the process. If a fuse module is present on the projectile, it will update the lifetime of the projectile with the calculated time till intercept, providing a timed fuse for flak-type weapons. My 40mm Flak Guns use this functionality. To add it to a block, just add the following code snippet under Deserializer, on the same level as the FireData component: "WeaponAimMod.TimedFuseData": {}

Player Leading
Player weapons, or weapons controlled by an ally of a player, will lead their targets. Fuses (if present), will be set accordingly.

Enemy Leading

Enemy weapons, or weapons not controlled by anyone on the team of a player, will lead their targets. Fuses (if present), will be set accordingly.
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Dog Emperor
Jul 9, 2016
Seeking Projectile (Missile) Features

Enemy-fired missile leading
Missiles fired by enemies, or anyone not on the team of a player, will attempt to intercept their targets.

Player-fired missile leading
Missiles fired by players, or anyone on the team of a player, will attempt to intercept their targets.

Smart missiles
Missiles, when fired, will start out with a snapshot of where they know their target is, and how fast it's going. This snapshot will be updated whenever the missile is able to see a target. If the missile cannot see any targets, instead of just going straight forwards, it will continue to attempt to intercept the target, moving towards where it should be based on that snapshot.
If the missile does not have leading enabled, it will attempt to turn towards where the snapshot says its target should be by now, without moving onto an intercept course.

Ballistic missiles
Missiles no longer have a concept of a "lifetime", after which they explode. Instead, they will follow this lifecycle:
  • Missile is fired
  • Missile activates its boosters. Gravity is temporarily disabled (vanilla game behavior).
  • Boosters run out. Seeking behaviour is curtailed (Mathf.min(turnSpeed/10, 5) degrees/s). Gravity is re-enabled
  • Missile either hits a target, or falls to the ground and explodes
Without missile leading enabled, the missile will most likely run out of boost, and then fall to the ground before hitting targets that are far away.
When leading is enabled, the missile changes behavior based on the circumstances.

  • When engaging a target where the target is within the missile's range during the boost phase, no special action is taken
  • If the target is out of range of the boost phase, a ballistic intercept is attempted. The missile will attempt to angle itself up, such that when gravity re-asserts itself when the boost phase ends, it will intercept the target
  • If no ballistic intercept is possible (target is too far away), the missile will attempt to close to a position where an intercept is possible. It will take a heading somewhere between a direct intercept course, and a course that is angled to provide maximal range (45 degrees for a flat plane. It varies depending on the height difference between missile and target). As the missile gets closer and closer to the end of its boost phase, the angle it takes gets closer and closer to that optimal angle.

Ballistic missiles falling just short of their target

Independent Targeting

By default, all weapons on a tech aim towards one target, even if they are restricted from turning that far, or there's something in the way. This option attempts to fix that.
Every half a second, a categorization pulse is executed for each tech. All enemy techs are sorted into 8 octants, based on where they are in relation to the tech. The octants are formed by the planes defined by the X, Y, and Z axes. One octant will contain all targets whose relative x, y, and z coords are all positive, another will contain all targets whose relative x, y, and z coords are all negative, etc.
When a weapon is unable to aim at the general target (the closest enemy to the shooter, as of 0.5 seconds ago at the latest), the gimbal angles (how far is it allowed to rotate) are taken into account, and a list of octants it can fire into is found. Then, it takes the enemy techs present in those octants and attempts to aim at them one at a time, until it finds an alternative target.

Caveat: If the gimbal angle for a gun does not allow it to point down, the targeting will not consider techs below it, that it could actually target, because of gravity. Octant checking is based on absolute gimbal angles only.



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Jun 10, 2020
You download TTMM as standard, and in the mod list within TTMM is this mod, the mod is fully toggleable in the mod's settings tab in-game, default being off for all settings I believe. Some other mods will also be downloaded and enabled when enabling this mod, they are other mods that are used to make this mod work.


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Jun 23, 2020
alguém pode me ajudar o som no meu jogo ta falhando dando chiado e ums bugs mais só no terratech original da steam com mods eu baixei um pirata e não ta dando isso mais sem os mods tem como consertar isso?