We need a map!

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    PINHATT Member

    We need a map in urgent campaign mode, so it would be easier to find and search for resources.
  2. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    this has been requested for over a year (and from memory it was possibly going to happen) but we have not got it yet
  3. Khaine

    Khaine Member

    A map won't show you resources...I guess it could, but it'd make it too easy. Waypoints would be a much preferable option to mineral spam on your map.
  4. Kohta

    Kohta Well-Known Member

    Yea no, the game is pretty fine as it is in terms of navigation.
  5. ifnotthe2nd

    ifnotthe2nd Member

    Something that at least gives the layout of the land so I know where I've been... maybe one of these days I'll find these so called ice and pillar biomes...
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    PINHATT Member

    I expressed myself wrong at the time.

    I think a relief map can help us mainly in terms of navigation.

    If we could put reference points (google earth type) with names it would be much easier to orient ourselves and to know where that resource we need (in this case, think that you went through the resource but can not harvest it at that moment).

    Still, it would help a lot if the map shows where our buildings are.

    I am afraid, for example, of leaving the biome of the salt and not finding the way back, I know that it has the coordinates, but I'm fed up with having to write them down on paper or in the notepad, every time I discover a mineral deposit or a valley full of trees.
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  7. ifnotthe2nd

    ifnotthe2nd Member

    I would love to be able to place signs and name cool looking places in my world
  8. Ninjin_Ninja

    Ninjin_Ninja Well-Known Member

    I sometimes place some sorta structure, even if its just the delivery cannon, so its marked with the little blue dot on mini-map. I do also realize that only goes so far. so way points could be nice.
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    PINHATT Member

    My base is in the salt biome, but some of my miners are in the desert biome, which is a bit far, I need to stay close enough for the miner to appear on the mini-map and start working.
    I'm just giving this example, to show that my constructions are very far from each other, a map to guide me would come in handy.

    In the end, I WANT A MAP :)
  10. Kohta

    Kohta Well-Known Member

    I don't really see how you wouldn't already be able to find your way to your various Techs and miners already with the radar provided, there's no real need for a map.
  11. Khaine

    Khaine Member

    Well if you go far enough away all the markers disappear so.. yeah, you can easily lose things. I suppose a map would come in handy if you have multiple mining camps in multiple biomes. I tried that and ended up with annoying bugs, so now I just sit on my erudite deposits and buy all the other ores :D
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    PINHATT Member

    That's what I'm talking about:)
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    Maybe there could be some sort of "Upgraded Radar" that would allow you to access a map. And possibly even tiers for larger map range (if there was limited range in the first place)? Or possibly a one-use block which would plant itself in the ground to make waypoints for the map.
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  14. Khaine

    Khaine Member

    The problem with the block solution is that enemy AI will target it. I think it targets anything you nail down to the floor. but I guess it could work if devs make said block AI "friendly".
  15. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    I think this was shunted to 'after 1.0 or never.'
  16. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    About ressource we'll have a block where you put a raw ressource and they will be show on the map , it's already in the experimental block list but it's not finished yet , so wait and see.
  17. Twigjack

    Twigjack Member

    Oh man, a minimap with contour lines would be amazing.
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