Way to unlock all items?

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Chukklechode, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Canary

    Search the file for 'money' and change the number.
    There's a list of Items the SCu has, but i've never bothered with that.
    Enough cash, and you can just buy what you want.

    Keep in mind, don't bug the Dev's about bugs in hacked save files.
    You accept responsibility for crashes :p
  2. Jarrad065

    Jarrad065 New Member

    What file do i put it in???? Please healp!!!
  3. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Canary

    The save file.

    Beyond that, Um, no.

    Not trying to be mean, but i'd suggest if you are stuck at this point, you probably shouldn't be editing files.
    And with the new progression and missions, there's little need any more.
  4. Davey Wilson

    Davey Wilson New Member

    how do put it in the game?
  5. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Canary

  6. boopydoopy

    boopydoopy New Member

    how do i acsess the save pink kitty

    there are no downloads.
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  7. boopydoopy

    boopydoopy New Member

  8. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Canary

    The save is out of date.

    Here is a mostly legit one, with all or most of the stuff unlocked:

    P.S: watch out!
    Back at the starting location is a base filled with massive amounts of resources... and lag.
    You'll know if you're getting close, if your FPS drops like you hit a wall.

    To fix it, if you want to be there, either sell the 1000's of resources, or break the base and dump them on the floor.

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  9. Sulton

    Sulton Member

    I tried pinks save, errors out my client and reapers missing hawkeye blocks and stuff. Any help
  10. StyxAnnihilator

    StyxAnnihilator Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Sentry Pro

    Probably outdated. Stable 0.7.3 is available in a few days, then probably some post saves with most or all blocks, full leveled up. You can always look for saves in the bugs sections of the forum. To have all blocks unlocked (and much BB) at the very start of a Campaign, then have to modify a save.

    Think one thread somewhere on the forum explained enough to understand how to, or:
    Do a save just in the beginning before the first enemy tech arrives and copy the file. Then destroy the enemy, modify your tech where 1 block is untouched on the ground (like GSO stabilizer wheel), save and copy. Compare the files with a suitable program to get an understanding. Then a suitable editor to do changes.
  11. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Canary

    And here is a legit save, with all the blocks unlocked:

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  12. Sulton

    Sulton Member

    Not sure how ya guys modded ya saves, but at least i found one way of doing it, once i find mission for hawkeye ill upload my save
  13. Mindl3ss

    Mindl3ss Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    Also, several members regularly put out a 'creative save' with the game beaten, all parts unlocked, and loads of money with maybe not every update, but certainly often enough. I use the one @reaperx1 put out for 7.2.4 Current updates still work fine on the save.
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  14. Sulton

    Sulton Member

    Ya i fig a way to get 9mil cash and semi-insta max reps, since i don't know much about sav format, im doin bit harder way

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