Volcanic Wastes Biome (Future Home of Legion?)

Does legion fit with the theme of basalt and lava?

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Sep 29, 2015
Quoting a discord server post:

"Think of a black ground biome, mostly flat but cracked and fractured surface with vast gentle slopes of gradual incline and decline (favorable for hovers) and very few and far between hills and lastly? Extremely rich in ores and especially with crystals. Few hills it does have have a chance to be volcanoes that occasionally spit fireballs, lots of fissures craters and pits, all of which can either snag or melt (severely damage) all but the toughest wheels requiring either constant repair or hovers. Hovers though still take minor damage if they go over small cratered pits and aircraft must avoid occasional fireball... also the sun is blotted out by ash and the heat has dried up most (not all?) smoking rocks, and theres only rare deposits of oleite and carbius and the very rare petrified tree or tiny forest."

First major difference in a biome like this is that all the volcanic activity produces a perpetual cloud of smoke overhead leaving the sun as a dim circle in the sky, aircraft flying at all high would experience engine failure and stall back down to a rather low altitude, smoking rocks would be rare but extremely valuable as solar would work barely or not at all and the alternative is finding forests of petrified trees for a bit of charred wood/carbite maybe actual carbite veins, or very rare oleite outcroppings, this combined with the fact the enviroment is a constant hazard and damaging to wheeled techs, and progressively less so to Tracked/Metal wheeled vehicles, hovercraft, aircraft.

So in depth on first hazard, small to medium cratered hills (anywhere from 2 to 12 meters tall maybe?) where lava is not pooled but is frequently ejected in fireballs that can hit techs for catastrophic damage if not avoided. Best way to implement is as an entity that occasionally flings a fireball projectile, that sometimes is targeted subtlely right at a tech with a very high arc (able to hit planes rarely)

Second issue to contend with is snaking lines of spitting fissures where the ground bursts up, a sharp incline that can snag most ground vehicles and some weaker hovers, these would be features that one would want to travel around, and only over if you're a particularly brave/stupid venture driver looking for some sick jumps.

Fissures spanning long stretches of terrain

and swirling pits that immediately ensnare, then quickly evaporate techs in mere minutes leaving no trace

If that's not enough risk to the high reward of precious gems and metals, the ground itself is prone to cracks and small very shallow rivers of flowing lava, of which snag and bog down anything but krusher series wheels or tank treads, and do severe damage to anything not metal (treads less so?) outright melting weak and unshielded wheels wheels right off the chassis.

This place is somewhere you'd love to go mining but hate to stay for a minute longer than you'd have to and most corporations wouldn't plant a flag here much less a base for fear of it being melted down in a couple days after batteries run dry. There is one corporation that has unique aspects that would let them not only live but thrive here...

The techs of this corp are known to frequently use spider legs that can simply walk over, or tiptoe through shallow lava, hardened exotic metal being much more lava resistant than mere tires. Their unique armor reminiscent of the flowing slabs of black basalt with glowing red lava underneath, and being in a place very few would ever step foot in is the perfect place to lay low, plus the rich resources is very conducive to building up a fighting force to take out anyone dumb enough to go in anyways.

There could be a legion strike bot hiding in there and you'd never see it in time.

Basically endgame high risk high reward, hard to find fuel to power repair bubbles and many sources of environmental damage
(don't bother making liquid physics just for lava, lava is something that normally is rolled over not in, and if anything falls in its only at the very most half a meter, in that case simply graft the entities into the terrain with no collision for the top lava so wheels and stuff appear to sink in and get stuck. At most animated textures on solid or very shallow lava flows)
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Mar 15, 2017
This sounds very complicated to make, but also completely epic. Mountain biomes are already a high-risk high-reward biome, but I suppose a volcanic biome would be even more so. I think that there has to be some kind of reward other than high resources to make people want to go there often, though. Also wheels should be implemented that are specially designed to move over the gentle slopes but jagged fractures in terrain like this.


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Oct 7, 2016
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I think this would be awesome. I could see them making horizontal terrain objects like the obelisks and giant rocks currently in the game, with entities hidden inside that cause damage when tech is within x blocks from the source. Also, dodging fireballs sounds like good times ;)

The terrain objects could basically be a strip like 5 - 10 pixel thick by anywhere from 5 to 50 blocks wide by 5 to 100 blocks long 'fissures' with fireball spawning entities hidden inside/under them. As for area damage, imagine an invisible reverse health regen bubble. If you are inside the bubble, you take x damage per tick. Of course, I'm hoping they could take that health bubble and make it oval, or square, or any other shape.


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Sep 29, 2015
"Maybe" only because I do not think that we will be able to make holes in ground to make underground bases for this corporation.
Underground bases in an area that lava regularly flows through, definitely not my idea of a good time...


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Oct 8, 2016
I love this idea. +1.

Why? It solves some problems.

1) There's no endgame challenge. Having a biome that requires you to be maxed out just to survive there and thrive gives you a reason to max out and go there. Plus volcanoes are cool to set up a base in - I would imagine myself to be quite at home at my volcano base of doom.

2) Legion doesn't have a proper home (Like Hawkeye). This solves that too. Plus Legion in a volcano biome is thematic, based on what they look like.

But alas, this is probably a low-priority thing. I like it but I doubt it'll be worked on anytime soon; there's still the core mechanics to be fixed.
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May 20, 2017
Anything in that area is bad idea, but if you have tech that can sustain heat, like underground force fields that keep your base protected...
Well, the current shields could do the same at the cost of higher idle power usage when on/in lava...

The lava damage could be simulated at the current moment with a bunch of enemy Reaperx1 Flamethrowers (or even better, without the physical flamethrower block for developers!).