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Discussion in 'Community Help, Questions and Guides' started by DrShadox, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    Hi , when i check my save it say 0.8.1 but some people have version , someone know why ?

    Does is unstable maybe 0.8.1 is stable ? (i play stable)
  2. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

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  3. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    And ironically, the unstable is currently more stable than the stable, due to it only really getting bug fixes...

    See this thread for how to switch branches in the Steam settings for the game.
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  4. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    ok , it's interesting..

    Does i need to make a backup of my save before switch ?
  5. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    No. Game retains saves and snapshots, even when you fully uninstall.

    But... You should *always* be keeping regular archive backups anyway, in my opinion. And this would be a good time to just copy all those files out into a ".zip" file archive (it will take up negligible hard drive space).
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