[Version 1.3.5][PC] - Base Disappeared... Kinda


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Dec 10, 2019
[Version 1.3.5][PC] - Base Disappeared... Kinda

Platform: PC

Game version: 1.3.5

Frequency: Once

Game Mode: Campaign

Description: I couldn't find this issue in the most recent ten pages of the forum, so I figured I'd post it. Had a base consisting of several techs guarded by sentries. Went off on a mission across two/three biomes to finish a mission. Afterwards, I came back to find all my techs and sentries had disappeared. They still appeared on the radar, but weren't actually present. I checked the "Manage Techs" tab, and the slots were there... but with no picture or details. When I sent the techs to inventory, the blocks never showed up. I'm a bit bummed... I had spent quite some time figuring out a sentry configuration that worked.

Steps to reproduce: Create base, then travel to complete a mission two/three biomes away. Return, base sentries and techs are gone.


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Aug 14, 2014
please upload the save with the problem
and also the platform,and operating system and system details eg dxdiag report