Venture on! - My VEN corp upgrade package


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Apr 28, 2019
Poor Venture corp hasn't seen much love lately, so I came up with a few new toys for their arsenal... no weapons though... bad choice of word. Anyway, lets start:

VEN mobile solar panels: This has been suggested before, I admit, this is just my spin on the idea. I'm thinking a 2×1×1 block with the solar panel on one of it's broad sides, APs on all others. It would have the output of a GSO solar generator, slightly less hit points than a VEN double block and slightly more heavy (about 10% on both fronts). It would also have a 2×1×1 dead zone above the solar panel (so it's size while building is 2×2×1 effectively). Why? because this solar panel would "hide" and deactivate, when enemies are nearby (basically, the opposite of what the BF hidden weapons do). This way, it doesn't provide an unfair advantage while in combat. The bigger version would be a 2×3×1 block (complete with the 2×3×1 dead zone, so 2×2×3 total) with 4 times the output of GSO and the same cowardly behavior. I'll leave the hiding-away animation up to the artists.

VEN anchored gas-furnace generator: A bit uncharacteristic for Venture to have anchored tech. I know, but please, keep reading. This anchored furnace would only function, if it, or the anchored tech it's attached to, has fuel tanks on-board. The furnace automatically starts draining the fuel tank(s) and generates power until the fuel runs out. At that point, the generator stops and waits for the tanks to recharge. Once the tanks hit 100%, the generator starts again, providing bursts of electricity for "free", "non-stop". In practice, this power-plant would need batteries to be a reliable source of electricity. The automatic behavior is needed for when people inevitably put it on a mobile tech, they would sacrifice their ability to escape quickly for some free power.

VEN helicopter rotors: The small variant would be a 3×3×1 drone-style rotor-ring with a single AP on one of it's sides. The medium and large versions would match the HE rotors in size and power (at the time of writing, version 1.3.5, as the HE rotors should get buffed, but I digress). So, what would make these rotors special? The VEN rotors could tilt slightly, granting them the same vector capability, that the hover pads have, making VEN copters more responsive and maneuverable.
Disclaimer: I'm aware, this feature sounds great in theory, but may be horrible in practice. Still, even without this ability, Venture deserves helicopter rotors.

VEN auxiliary compressor block: This 2×1×1 block, with limited APs would do for fuel regeneration what the dynamo block (which will go to VEN, right? ...RIGHT?!) does for electricity. That is, accelerate fuel recovery while driving on the road, as long as the boosters aren't in use.

VEN Nitro-charge module: A 3×1×1 block, with APs on only one broad side, that would give a 50% performance boost to all propulsion blocks (As in, wheels, tracks and propellers, but not hover pads, steering hovers, boosters or rotors. I'm not sure about the BF LME) while passively draining your fuel supply. Naturally, the boost turns off, when the tanks run out. The effect wouldn't stack with multiple blocks, but it could be turned on and off. The drain would be calculated for each propulsion block based on their strength values. Meaning, the more wheels a tech has and the stronger those wheels are, the higher the passive fuel drain would be.

VEN Boost-control block: This switch block would allow us to fine-tune our boosters, balancing fuel usage and thrust with a handy slider. Now, this should be linear, when under tuning,but ramp up, when over tuning. 50% boost reduction would save 50% fuel, but the max power boost of 50% would result in a +100% fuel drain, the half-way point of the slider being the default values of the booster.

Thank you, for reading and considering!
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Dec 11, 2019
I rly need mobile solar panels for my campaign because it is such a pain to have one of my techs shut down because I never anchored it to charge
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