update suggestions


Aug 26, 2018
i have a few ideas for blocks that would make terratech that much better
idea number 1. mech legs that allow the tech to jump (different ones give different heights and speed like gso is a slow and doesnt jump that high while GeoCorp has a high jump but is also super slow venture legs are super fast but cant jump vary high and Halkeye can jump high and is slightly slower than venture)\
idea number 2.tractor beams works like a block magnet but is for friendly techs/ enemy techs to get them close to you and destroy them and make them not able to move super good with those little 2 block techs that are super fast and always manage to destroy a massive tech everyone knows what i mean those small easy to destroy techs that race around and break everything before killing you in the beginning when you dont have to many batterys/shields and another thing that is kind of like the tractor beam a repulsor beam good for techs that are weak and use range get withing range of the repulsor beam and it launches techs back serveral feet i dont know what corp they would fall into maybe geocorp or hawkeye and neither one should do damage to techs only bring techs close or push them away


Ah kick till it starts
Aug 14, 2014
darknigh, while I am not intending to critisize the ideas, here are a couple of points for you
1 the devs much prefer ONE suggestion/idea/bug per thread (so that they can better track and not the idea/issue
2 there is a pinned thread for frequently suggested ideas
now regarding the suggestions
1 from the various threads on legs (over the last 3+ years) the possible future corp that is most likely to get legs is the legeon corp (most likely to be the last released as it will involve the most work for the devs in my opinion)
2 tractor beams are currently for resources only, and there has been no other mention of tractor beams to my memory