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Jul 31, 2017
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I think another reason why it’s unpopular is that you have to have a Twitter account to compete against other players, and the audience for this game is quite young so not many people have Twitter.

If the developers turn Sumo into a proper multiplayer gamemode and fix it up/make some improvements (like what @Lord Zarnox suggested), then people would actually participate in it.
Ok. Thankyou.


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Jun 14, 2017
I'm liking the new weps and wheels, progression and fixing the mining placement. Venture resource blocks are useful now!

I fear the big Hawkeye wep is going to get a nerf but mortar-type vehicles are an absolute joy right now.

Are there any plans to randomize the placement of GSO Trading Stations? Excepting stations that don't spawn, they occur every thousand units in each cardinal direction. That is boring!

I ask for purely selfish reasons because I love stations in the middle of big flats biomes. Bonus points if there are two for nonstop mission running goodness.

PS - Those 'boring' technical details you don't want to talk about? Please talk about them; I'm listening. :D
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