Up Conveyor Issues (0.7.2)

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by iamdarkbowser, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. iamdarkbowser

    iamdarkbowser New Member

    I am trying to use the up conveyor but it seems to either not work, or I am using it incorrectly. To figure this out, I need someone to tell me how to use it or tell me if it simply is not working.
  2. kirito324

    kirito324 New Member Beta Deluxe

    yes they are working here are 3 examples the first is the "proper" way to use it the 2nd is not and wont work the 3ed is a cheaky way of doing it to make materials face where you want them to

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  3. Django

    Django PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer Coder

    The way to build the second case would be with the other conveyors, in this case the 'down' version.

    I've attached a tech demonstrating step and up/down conveyors as intended. Conveyors.png
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  4. iamdarkbowser

    iamdarkbowser New Member

    Thank you, both of you.

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