Unofficial New Mission Concept (Including Characters and Relationship)


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Apr 4, 2015
I remembered how the devs showed rough concepts of characters in the February Dev Diary and came to the idea to redesign the current mission system.
Here's how it looks like:TerraTech Mission Log Concept.png
[Concept made with Paint.Net]
(Note: English isn't my primary language, so please have mercy if you see grammar mistakes :p)

It'd reinvent the current mission system and the overworld gameplay if characters were an actual thing in TerraTech right now.

New Mission System:
The new characters may give you missions if you go near their bases or main techs. In the mission log you can see what they say, the objectives and rewards. You have the option to either accept or decline the missions. You'll usually make them dislike you if you reject a certain number of missions from them.
There are also optional tasks which have the potential to change the mission a bit (seen in the concept).

In the overworld you'd find special characters having their own bases, personality and their own behavior (unique AI). Some like to harvest or explore while others like to fight.
Same goes to their strength. Some are weaker, some are stronger. However, their overall strength increases over time (making their techs and bases more tough like a normal player would).

They are more intelligent than nearly any other AI module (except maybe Legion AI module) since they are humans and live in cabs.

They often give missions if their least releationship is neutral to the player.
The player has to be near their techs or bases in order to receive mission transmissions.

The Relationship System:
Depending on their personality and your main corporation, they are either friendly, neutral or hostile to the player on first sight.

Nemesis characters instantly attack you on sight. They hate you so much that they want to eradicate you from the world as quick as possible. There is no way to friend with them anymore.

Hostile characters will attack you on sight and may even attack your base if they hate you enough. It'd be hard to friend with them.

Neutral characters won't attack you on sight, but will always have an eye on you if you are near their main techs or bases. They offer you missions and it's easy for you to friend with them if you do everything right.

Friendly characters won't attack you on sight and greet you if you visit their bases or main techs. They still offer you missions and may help you if you call them for help or assistance. If the relationship is high enough, they may also allow you to use their bases (like using their refineries for resources or generators for filling batteries)

Allied characters won't even try to attack you since they are your best friends now. They greet you if you meet them and may even give you some goodies as a sign for friendship. They will help you if you are in need of assistance, but they will also call you for help if they are in trouble. They still offer you missions.
They also allow you to use their entire base (being able to use all base parts, but not move them as if they were yours). At this point there is no more friendly fire between them and the player.

Their relationship will increase or decrease in different ways, also depending on their personality:

Some like your economy while others dislike your way of fighting (i.e. inefficient firepower) and call you a weakling, for example.
They always like it if you complete missions for them.
Your relationship decreases with your allies if you don't help them while they're in trouble.
If deep enough, they'll turn into friendly again.

BUT! The characters are also able to make allies with other characters and not just with the player.
If a character sees that the player is attacking their ally, the relationship decreases.
If a character sees that the player is attacking their enemy, the relationship increases.
Allied characters are also helping themselves.

More information about Nemesis:
Nemesis characters instantly attack you on sight and do everything to whipe you out.
There is no turning back now and they will go stratigically depending on their personality.
They will try to create outposts near your base(s) in order to make your life harder.
If they have enough resources, they may just send waves of drones from outposts to attack you first and then later start the real attack.
In order to defeat them, you have to destroy their bases and main techs. Destroying their main tech will also remove the character from the overworld.

More information about Allies:
Allied characters will do everything to assist you and hope that you do the same for them.
They may create outposts near your base to make your life easier and also have better communication.
If they see that your base is being attacked, they will send drones in order to help you defend it.
If you meet them personally (their main tech), they also may give you some gifts like resources or parts as a sign of friendship.
There is no more friendly fire, they are your close pals now and you decided to do it. The only way to make them dislike you is by not helping them if they are in trouble, reject missions or attacking their friends.
They also give you access to their technology they have, making it easier for you to discover blocks.

Having these characters in the game would add a lot more life to TerraTech than ever before and may be an alternative to multiplayer.

However, as big as this (probably already planned) suggestion is, it also contains a lot of challenges in terms of implementing:

-The current AI is still too weak and would never handle a character until more improvements have been made which could take many months
-Having many AI and techs running at the same time is slowing the game down. Improvements to the stability is required in order to make multiple characters possible, also could take many months
-Character portraits may take a while
-Redesigned mission system might also take a while

I don't expect this suggestion to come in the near future since the content suggested is very big. I do hope, however, once the game is near completion and the devs have more free time, that this might come to the main singleplayer game.

This suggestion was mainly inspired by the upcoming game Space Pirates and Zombies 2
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Pink Kitty


Just wow.

I don't know how doable this is, but i want it!


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Apr 4, 2015

Just wow.

I don't know how doable this is, but i want it!
It might be possible.

I may not be a game developer, but I have a theory:

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 will have nearly 200 AI captains which behave similar like the player.
They do everything like the player does and that in real time.
A similar mechanic with the characters would totally fit in TerraTech.

Since Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is being built and programmed on Unity, the same engine TerraTech is running on, I'm pretty sure with enough programming and implementation, this could be possible in TerraTech too, but probably not with nearly 200 characters in real time :D.
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