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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Legionite, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Since the devs mentioned it as an idea in the latest stream, why not figure out how to get this to work?
    (Devs, can you please post an overhead bird's eye view of the MP field on small, medium, and large sizes?)

    Airborne Racing Layouts:
    [none as of yet]

    None yet, please suggest some

    Ground Racing Layouts:
    (Feel free to replace the name of your track by PM-ing me the name you want it to be.)
    @QuackDuck- [Large Map] (Counter-Clockwise Borderline Racetrack) "Orbit- Around the World"

    None yet, please suggest some
    [Unofficial Optional Kart Restrictions for Limited Leagues + Karts for racing]

    Post your pictures for your planned course through the MP world!
    Videos of airborne courses would be handy.
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  2. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} [REDACTED]


    A multiplayer racing game-mode would be awesome! I would definitely play it!

    I'd like to reference an old thread I made months and months ago, about a new multiplayer racing gamemode. Now that MP has come out I think this is a viable thing to implement and I think it would be really fun.

    OK, I went into WAY too much detail in that thread, but basically the type of gamemode that would work the best IMO would be a several-lap elimination race where the last player at the end of every lap gets eliminated. You get rewarded with a choice of blocks at the end of the lap (if you survive) and get 90 seconds to rebuild. Also, weapons should be allowed, because it will spice things up a bit. If there are multiple players left at the end of the game then there will be a "sudden death" race where the player who crosses the finish line first wins.
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  3. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    I have a ground racing layout, but unfortunately I can't show it yet because my internet is broken. I will record a video when it's fixed. In this course, you use the map boundary on the radar to position yourself inside the track.

    Here are some rules I've thought of:
    No R&D, for obvious reasons
    No flying, because there are cars which can fly
    (Optional) No boosters
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  4. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} [REDACTED]

    Of course, this would work better if the developers made proper racing tracks, but for now I suppose we'll have to make our own tracks in the MP arena.

    @Jamie sorry for summoning you, but do you think that it might be a good idea to have a dedicated, official MP racing gamemode with its own tracks?
  5. Fehn

    Fehn The Almighty Machine

    *is the best at Mario Kart in the family*

    Finally, worthy challengers.
  6. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    I'm also really good a Mario kart (first one I played was the Wii one).
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  7. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} [REDACTED]

    The first one I played was Mario kart DS.

    I have 3 stars on every Grand Prix in Mario Kart 7, on 50, 100 and 150cc (and I think even mirror). :)
  8. Fehn

    Fehn The Almighty Machine

    My family has been holding me back. Every time we play Mario Kart, it's on 50cc for fairness' sake. I continue to obliterate them.

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  9. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    I've been teaching my mom how to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with a joystick.
  10. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    How about make it just like sumo where you can only use a handful of blocks, each with a limit?
  11. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    Here is the track:
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  12. Lord Zarnox

    Lord Zarnox Founder of the IFTTES

    One of my friends is great at Mario Kart 7, and they practically always win. I don't play that game. When I borrowed a different friends 3DS to play with them, I obliterated them. Yeah... That happened.
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  13. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker TT Translator

    I have seen something about airborne racetracks and hover racetracks or something similar in the translation files

    *X-Files music plays
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  14. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} [REDACTED]

    I'm not completely sure, but that could just be the Venture missions that involve flying through a series of rings.
  15. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker TT Translator

    Im not sure either, but there are no such things like hover-races right now...

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