Universal Scrapper That Breaks EVERYTHING Into Raw Resources


Director-General of GreenTech
Apr 4, 2019

On this thread I'd like to discuss a block idea that would have very interesting implications on crafting, with it's own balance and a feature you can't really tell if it's positive or negative, situational as it is but very powerful if used right.

The block is an Universal Scrapper.
Not the first time I propose these, this was proposed once on my Junkers Brainstorming Thread.
But it was just an universal scrapper, clunky because of its huge size, and slower rate of scrapping. Eh, arbitrary "negative perk" balancing.

This time, the idea is:

-The universal scrapper will scrap any block into its raw resources equivalent. No matter how complex the component that went into its recipe, everything becomes raw resources equivalent.

This alone creates several interesting implications:

  1. A huge number of chunks may spawn from a single block made of complex/exotic components. Most endgame blocks. This might clog things and slow down the process.

  2. From components to raw resources, there's a great loss of value. Thus not recommended for making that quick scrapping money.

  3. You have all the freedom in the world to do whatever you want with these raw resources. They can be anything and go into anything. And can be refined for storage in resource blocks.

  4. Resource Blocks can now become a source of raw resources.

Overall, I think this makes the idea of an Universal Scrapper very balanced and very unique. It's not the universal response to all issues, may even create some, but if used just right, it's a powerful tool for any dedicated crafter out there!

What are you guys thoughts?

Saelem Black

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Aug 25, 2018
This would simplify scrapping considerably, but probably would make regular scrappers obsolete. I kinda think that's a good thing, though. If we're going to end up with 8 corps, it is going to be quite burdensome to scrap and crafting bases will balloon. I'd rather have all scrappers scrap any block. Then they could be differentiated in other ways.

GSO - same as is (but scraps all blocks)
GeoCorp - breaks down scrap into basic refined resources, and automatically breaking down components, like the original suggestion.
Venture - Same as GSO, but does not need to be anchored. Very very fast pickup and processing speeds - you won't have to slow down to nab parts.
Better Future - Same as venture, but with a *huge* pickup radius, but slower pickup and processing speeds.
Hawkeye - Anchored resource cannon/scrapper hybrid. No funny business. Auto-scraps and sells any block you feed it - but no pickup radius. You have to feed it manually.
Junkers - Mobile and breaks down blocks into raw chunks, same as GeoCorp, but really bulky, big, and heavy.
Reticule - Similar to GSO, but scrambles the recipe. Random components or chunks come out based on the total number of crafting ingredients. Likelihood would be a percent chance based on the chunk value, so basically this is a slot machine.
Legion - mutates recipe into resources/components more commonly used by legion manufacturing. GeoCorp uses a ton of titanium and BF uses a ton of fibron, so surely legion will be predisposed towards one resource chunk, too. This scrapper would take the most common resource of other corps an convert it into Legion's, but will leave the components intact.