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    Suppressor Mk2 and its turret is my latest finished tech.

    It is a multitech and its turret comes with a deployment rack and should be manually fitted rather conveniently.
    When combined, it comes with a good armament of 9 (body) battleship cannons, 8 (body) large mortars, 6 GSO missile launchers and a sizeable cruise/seeker missile load on a fully-rotating turret.

    The main feature however is quite a heavy and efficient frontal armor, which can withstand many heavy hits before breaking.
    Both off-road ability and mobility are decent, however, rarely, in certain climates , where there are lots of rock objects you may find yourself stuck. Try to watch out and avoid those situations. Speed varies from 60 unboosted to about 90 with a boost. The tech is pretty good at ramming the objects too, so it can drive through trees fairly decently and can break other objects as well.

    It comes with a few caveats however:

    1) Build beam is a bane of all multitech - when tech is combined, absolutely never activate build beam on either body or turret or risk decoupling.
    Only if you are absolutely positively stuck - then pack up the turret and use build beam. Later some place safe you can re-mount the turret again.

    2) AI cannot properly aim or use the turret and will use the build beam all the time on a turret - turret must remain for manual aiming only. The AI only works properly on a body, there is already an AI cab on the body - keep it this way. Usage-wise - basically drive into a position and switch techs - the AI will aim and shoot the body, while you are manning the turret.

    3) Avoid overturning on the roof, as turret it also likely to decouple under weight of the body and you will have to pack it up - or worse.

    Potentially - this is a very fun vehicle to be crewed by two players to act like a tank crew :) (hello WOT)
    Anyone who plays the newest creative for two multiplayer mode - you may try this and report results.

    It cannot be anchored or self-recharged yet, so requires external charging, maybe I will solve this later.

    ACVH Suppressor MK2.png

    ACVH SuppresTur MK2.png
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    If you prefer cannon armament, there is also a second turret available for above tech.
    3x 360-rotating manually aimed Big Berthas and 10 extra Monster Mortars won't disappoint!

    Base tech is the same, so I post it as a jpg.

    ACVH SuppressorB MK2.jpg

    ACVH SuppresTrC MK2.png
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    you could make turret connected to main tech with axle directly above the hole and when press X it just fall down in correct place :)
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  5. MrTwister

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    Not quite - because the medium bearing is used to hold over the batteries - the tech is even width, but the turret is odd-width. The axle can't be positioned properly over the hole, so better this way.
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    Huntsman MK2

    Now, this is a mining truck from the campaign, which I haven't yet published, and it's a marvelous one at its job.
    It's a blend of speed (60-90), chunk capacity, great mining reach and ground-clearance all-terrain awesomeness.

    It is also very maneuverable and light. Weapon load is adequate for self-defense against most common enemies and nasty ones can be attacked overhill with some mortar fire. It's only weakness is no anchoring, but you can sustain shields with generators and wood chunks.

    ATVM Huntsman Mk2.png
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    Zipper Mk1b is a light air-superiority fighter . Truly nimble, fast and super maneuverable it comes with a surprisingly huge boomstick - 14 large missiles. Fuel and battery are limited, but ferry range is unlimited. It has a bit of protection too and will not go down to a few light knocks.

    FCV Zipper Mk1b.png
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    its the murderizer, of course. it murderizes things
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    You can save and load techs in the creative now!?

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