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  1. MrTwister

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    Howdy folks? To continue a tradition of shameless self-bragging threads on this forum I decided to open my own.

    I just wanted to share this ultimate endgame tech i designed - It's a plane, it's a strategic bomber, it's huge, maximum size to be precise. It's armored well and armed with 100 Cruise and 40+ Avalanche. With all that - it takes off and handles surprisingly well for a tech of that size - due to sheer size salt planes strongly recommended.

    The purpose is to destroy biggest land techs and level bases with relative impunity. You will need some good planes to handle this baby if times of multiplayer will come and possibly more than one.

    Take off, and steer to the coordinates you've last seen the big nasties. Maintain altitude of about 550-600 and use the radar to steer directly above your enemy. Press fire just before reaching the coordinates - done. There will be very few techs that will require more than 1 bombing run and any non-airborne tech are very unlikely to be able to fight back. Use avalanche in case someone will get close by - you won't be able to out-turn them but can still overpower.

    Strategic Bomber MK2 by MrTwister:

    zRnD FCV Strat Bomber MK2.png

    And here is what it can do:

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    God help me with my fps
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    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Someone, help Bacon with a new videocard :)

    The only question remains - what would be the best name for this monstrosity?
    I was unable to come up with anything I would like yet.
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  4. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    benbacon, if a ati 6870 video card can help, I can supply one (bought secondhand but with drivers and power leads and in australia) if interested pm me
  5. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    The Rivet Bier MkXIV
    (updated 19.07.2018 -

    This is an updated version of my primary general purpose fighter-miner-transporter truck. Best used for mining in uncharted territories while simultaneously cleaning up from hostiles and doing some quests as a side job. The main changes from the previous version is at the back. With EXP blocks available in the campaign now, immediately updated with support of dropper block for a much more efficient collection of chunks. Just roll over the chunks and let them be picked up at the back, they will be dropped right on top of the heavy duty collectors at the top. Has a huge battery capacity too and even the self-recharge. When hunting for the fuel chunks for your base you may want to disconnect and pack up the two generators at the top, otherwise they will feed right from the 4 big collectors at the top.

    UPD2: Changes 25.03.18 (MkXII) - can anchor reliably in any terrain and self-recharge, new weapons (battleship cannons), greatly improved frontal armor and internal armor layout, updated for, has an extra SCU and off-road performance optimized (rear redesigned), more expensive - GSO batteries replaced with Hawkeye.
    UPD3: 19.07.18 - Major upgrade of chassis and wheels, only using hawkeye batteries now, more batteries, better off-road, better maneuvering. Big-Boy wheels.

    ATVM Rivet Bier MkXIV.png
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  6. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    An extremely agile and quick combat scout called Sizzler:

    It has a lot of jet power, turns swiftly, is stable and has enormous downforce from spoilers and some decent firepower vs small vehicles to top it off. An extremely capable scout - 140mph+ top speed. Batteries will hold for a long enough time too.

    The idea for a vehicle of this type belongs to a guy who designed a scout called Spoodster, which looks similar up front, forgot his name. This is a further development of the idea.

    Avoid using jets without battery charge or you're risking it, unless on flat salt planes.

    UPD: Mk2 Available, replaces previous.

    AS Sizzler Mk2.png
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  7. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Caddy Fat Cat Mk16
    (updated 21.07.2018 -

    This is a long-range explorer and a hit-n-run manoeuvrable combat vehicle and its great for those 80s disco parties in the desert too!

    It is very fast even without jets at 85 and with jets can do 120 for a considerable time.
    Despite it's size it can turn extremely fast thanks to rear engines and can even drift fast and furious style via combination of jet-boost and turn buttons. Running with batteries charged is highly recommended.

    ASH FatCat Mk16.png
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  8. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member


    A relatively compact jet+turbine fighter/bomber with a TON of missiles - extremely dangerous even to the biggest techs. Can take out the biggest of the invaders in 4-5 bombing runs.

    Upd: Substantially updated to MKXII using many new available parts. Converted to a new turbine, handling improvements.

    Upd2: An extended landing gear variant added, if you feel like landing frequently outside of salt planes with no battery charge.

    Upd3: 02-Apr updated - thrust increased and thrust better balanced as update changed some engine properties. Stays at MkXII, but blueprint was updated.

    FCV Cyclone MKXII.png

    FCV Cyclone MKXII ELG.png

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  9. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    In case you were ever dreaming of bikes and guns - here - your dream came true - an Attack Bike with guns.

    And omg it drives well! A Ducati-Hwk hybrid :)

    AS Neon Bike Mk5.png

    UPD: Mk5 available - turning improved, parts no longer falling off at high speed.
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  10. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    A great way to protect your base - Phobos heavy turret Mk2 with a slick design, huge bank of weapons and a compact footprint wont leave you disappointed.

    Upd 02-April - weapon load and internal armor completely reworked - major upgrade with parts.

    STur Phobos H MK2.png
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  11. The Grand Teki

    The Grand Teki Well-Known Member

    Now all I just need are railguns and my base is protected for good >:)
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  12. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Kodiak Mk2
    (updated 22.07.2018 -

    No road? No problem! This bear of a tech will maul any opposition to death, no matter the size. It will move across any terrain with ferocity and swiftness of a hungry rabid animal woken our of its hibernation mid-winter. Its sharp claws include 10 nicely placed Hawkeye Cannons, which can all be aimed at one target, 10 cruise and plenty of other missiles and machine-guns to boot.

    Weight was carefully distributed to avoid overloading. Speed is 70 to 90 mph with a hefty ground clearance.

    What an awesome way to put your first 4x Titan wheels in campaign to good use :). Try to avoid hitting rocks with those wheels when possible.

    ATVH Kodiak Mk2.png
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  13. Cloud

    Cloud Well-Known Member

    I love how it looks! You did an awesome job with designing.
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  14. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Black Eagle Tank Mk9
    (updated 15.07.2018 -

    This is one of the meanest, toughest, badass mid-sized combat vehicle you've seen around.
    Eats Invaders for breakfast 3 at a time, enough said.

    For this size it is a complete beast - will rip many techs a lot larger than itself.

    Upd 02-Feb: Upgraded to Mk4 version - further improved armor layout for cannon resistance, much improved/easy anchoring using new Hawkeye anchor, enhanced self-recharge.

    Upd 02-Apr: Mk6 - some significant upgrades: parts - big internal armor improvements, battleship cannons, different batteries.

    Upd 13-Apr: Mk8 - further upgraded armor + internal to withstand really bad frontal impacts + cannons.

    Upd 19.07.18: Mk9 - Reworked internal armoring again, major rework of rocket boost (less fuel more batteries), some weapons updates. Further and substantially reduced vulnerability to explosives and volatility of components. Provides significant protection even with no battery charge, especially at the front.

    ACV BlackEagleTnk MK9.png

    A small video:
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  15. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Mad Cat Mk4c
    (updated 22.07.2018 -

    This is my newest grand-tourer and I have to say it beats its cousing the Fat Cat in speed and maneuvrability :). Extremely grippy, maneuverable and fast tech. My fastest land tech at the moment.

    162mph with boost, 120mph without.

    Upd 02-Apr - some improvements, reduced annoying side clipping vs trees - width reduced by 2 blocks.
    Upd 22-Jul - optimised for new patch.

    ASH MadCat MK4c.png
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  16. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Hurricane Ground Assault VTOL Plane Mk7
    (updated 21.07.2018 -

    My ultimate endgame tech.
    - Obliterates almost anything in one shot. Can destroy multiple enemies and even whole waves of enemies at once.
    - Very heavy weapon loadout. Over 200 missile weapons with 160 of these cruise missiles.
    - All weapons can easily be aimed at one target.
    - Hovering ability, vertical take off and landing, great battery capacity.
    - Combines features of both aircraft and helicopters. Will generate lift and rudder force when moving forward.
    - Very easy and responsive controls and hovering, fast turning.
    - Good for leveling entire armies.
    - Very expensive, large quantities of high-end blocks.

    Latest update: Hover lift adjusted, expanded battery capacity and improved internal armor layout and bubbling.

    FAVTL Hurricane MK7.png

    P.S. I'll probably get a joystick for this craft later, haha.

    P.S.2 A small demonstration of armor-busting capabilities of this tech:

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  17. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Typhoon Heavy ATV Mk4 (a,b)
    (updated 22.07.2018 -

    For the road king of Terratech.
    This one comes in two variants - with cannons and missile racks or with more cannons and heavy mortars.

    Very fast and mobile for a large tech with quite large battery and great weapons. Can be used as a miner in conjunction with a semi-trailer or can sell resources by itself.
    Mobile generators available.

    - Very well-armed and armored.
    - Resistant to volatile components damage and explosive weapons.
    - High sustained speed.
    - Can turn on a dime.
    - Cannot anchor but can use the generators to charge or use external.
    - Selling equipment to clean chunk mess. Can switch settings to mining-mode (needs a trailer).
    - Two weapon variants.

    Update 20.07.2018 - major improvements in internal structure. Rework of internal armor, complete replacement of batteries to hawkeye. Removed rocket boost but sustained speed greatly improved. Mobile generator scheme expanded.

    Updated 22.07.2018 - stabilisation improved.

    ATVH Typhoon MK4b.png
    ATVH Typhoon MK4a.png
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  18. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Typhoon's trailer MK2:
    (updated 21.07.2018 -
    (can be anchored)

    For some major mining ops involving the Typhoon.
    - Anchoring.
    - Self-defence - AI, plus batteries.
    - Can act as a recharger for Typhoon.
    - Extreme chunk capacity - can go on a lengthy trip and haul back lots of stuff from multiple mining locations.

    ATVH Typhoon Trailer MK2.png
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  19. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

    Aaand finally - my primary base and a handful of support outposts.

    The base is set for crafting and is bug-free. When storages are full will be laggy, so pack-up resources when not crafting for the time being. Waiting for those performance improvements :)

    SBase MainBase Mk7f.png

    SPost Hangar1.png
  20. MrTwister

    MrTwister Well-Known Member

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