Tutorial for dummies


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Aug 14, 2016
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So you join into the world going in your rocket and oh **** its blown up. you land as your cab. follow these basic steps to get your journey going! (These steps are given by a pro player)
1. Assemble you basic tech.
2. move around and click the spacebar to shoot
3. Ok theres your first tech spawning, that little missle icon get right in the back of it and just keep firing. Once the small tech spawns try to destroy cab. try and salvage the things you can. get at least 1 block and the laser. If you dont its gonna be harder to do other steps.
4. Go to your solar generator, dont battle other techs on purpose without your solar generator and healing bubble, if you want to play it safe get your shield bubble and battery. The radar always comes last. Reason why? Because you can get by without it until mid game. Then you need it.
5. Your gonna want to get as many guns and best stuff you can get. DO NOT GO FOR GEOCORP OR VENTURE YET!!! Only GSO
6. Your gonna have trader troll spawn, power up your battery by attaching it to the solar generator. If you have more then one battery get it to power it up. Get your shield and healing, then attack the trader troll from behind. sniping him with lazers also helps. Remember he doesnt have batterys that are charged! Try and only go for cab to save as many blocks.
7. If you get attacked from the front Do Not Panic!! That is what kills every terra techy. just tank it and keep firing. Dont stop! once your battery goes into the red i suggest being careful! He should be killed fast though because he doesnt have much protecting him.
8. Congratz you have defeated trader troll! You have now the trading station. Get the yellow crystals and green crystals as early as possible. Sell them. Get the tractor pad and get about 500$ Then your gonna buy a solar gen, along with a good old battery(s)
9. Go do missions. Do not go into red desert!!! or mountains. Stay in the desert or dunes even better the forest. Get as many missions done as possible and get to level 3 GSO.
10. Go for the SCU as soon as possible. Once you have it suck up as many blocks as possible. Later on the game make a large tech.
11. Once you get geocorp batterys and megaton cannons, you have finished the game (In my opinion) you basicly can not die. If you get venture shield and geocorp healing you have just done the game over the top.
12. Build Explore and do whatever the crap you want!
13. Do not try and edit saves unless you know how to. Trust me i did it once and i corrupted my main save. Depressing day.
14. Have fun blowing twerpy techs up! Oh no! The smiley army :)
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