TTMM customs block managment


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Feb 2, 2019
hi ...
the idea of this tread is to talk about the managment of custom blocks in TTMM

The purpose is to make a system where custom blocks a directly accessible in TTMM, and can handle update of these blocks.

for that, we need a shared space ... WP want to use github, but right managment is not really possible ...
maybe if some modders have a personnal server, we can make many FTP, with right managment, and synchronisation ... so we got an an online sharing system with backup and failover.

another solution is to use an online file share... but don't know any that can be used for this kind of things ...

after, we need to add a way to handle updates ...
i wa thinking af a simple text file in the custom block folder ... something like VER.txt... with only the version of the mod.
so when TTMM compare the local and the network VER.txt, it can see that there is an update .

And in the same way, a DESCRIPTION.txt ... with the description of the block, to show in TTM

And last thing ... TTMM new tab, showing custom blocks, by author ... with collapsable categories ...

that's my ideas ... i'm listening for better ones