TT_Unstable now available on Steam

Sai Wun

Aug 13, 2014
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing the direction of conveyors to be flipped.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect mission text to appear when Better Future Hover mission is also active.
  • Fixed bug allowing players to incorrectly put Techs in the SCU via Tech Manager when enemies are close.
  • Fixed issue causing "No games found" to appear prematurely when the multiplayer lobby is being populated.
  • In Co-op Creative, fixed issue preventing Techs to be sent to SCU when other team members are nearby.

Known Major Issues:
  • Multiple resources travelling close to each other along Conveyors may generate bottlenecks and clog bases up, especially around Refineries and Filters.
  • Translations for non-English language support is work-in-progress for most languages.
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