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Discussion in 'TT Unstable (Bugs & Feedback)' started by saiwun, May 16, 2018.

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  2. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    (No more wheel jittering means that the HaVCS should be thoroughly locked when not moving now.)
  3. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

    Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels S H I N Y Mad Scientist

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  4. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Mammoth walker TT Translator

    Nice! (Sadly I must wait a week to play this)
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  5. Soviet_Samuelson

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  6. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    * Steering while boosting doesn't work (and also cuts out the booster). I have movement mapped to Numpad8/4/5/6 in the secondary key mapping slots
    * The GC Cerebreus Light Bore doesn't activate and rotate when it touches a tech any more.

    Driving... I'm not sure I like it but it feels right, if that makes any sense. The heavy-ish tech I drive now doesn't spin on a dime any more--and it probably shouldn't. I like the longer AI distance, too.

    e: I can report these in the unstable bug section if that's appropriate but I'm not sure if the second point is a bug or intended behavior.

    ee: The secondary explosion chains on dead tech parts is sweeeeet.
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  7. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

    Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels S H I N Y Mad Scientist

    ....I literally depend on steering while boosting for my Venture builds... bouncing across the landscape...
  8. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    It might only apply to numpad keys. I've had similar problems before.
  9. kae


    Hiya, this is because the shift key toggles the function of the numpad buttons, so if you have the movement buttons bound to NUMPAD 8 4 5 6, holding shift will toggle the function of 8 4 6 to use the arrow keys, which are not bound causing your movement to sometimes stop turning/boosting/moving depending on the order you've pressed the keys.

    This is ultimately a 'feature' of windows' and can't be changed (unless you do some mucking around).

    Hope this clears things up for you :)
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  10. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} [REDACTED]

    Techs don't jitter any more?

    y o u d o n t k n o w h o w l o n g i v e b e e n w a i t i n g f o r t h i s
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  11. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I must have had arrow keys bound along with 8456 the last time I played. Thanks also to Bill Gates... and autohotkey ;)

    They'll still slide if you have too much weight for your wheels. It's kinda nice.
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