TT Multiplayer - able to spawn "advanced" techs with locked blocks for FREE


New Member
Dec 26, 2023

I've been playing a multiplayer campaign with my brother and we've noticed a major flaw. We are both able to deploy our own saved techs from our single-player saves for FREE and it spawns blocks that should be otherwise missing/locked (in our multiplayer campaign). This means that I can spawn in a Hawkeye plane minutes into the game for no cost. This bug essentially acts as a duplication glitch, since you can spawn as many techs as you want and absorb them into your shared inventory.

This makes respawning techs after battles very frustrating because we don't have to pay for it at all and gives us blocks we didn't "earn". It just feels cheesed and completely ruins the experience/grind.

Also, during a base mission, a base spawned with Hawkeye weapons which we've not unlocked. Not sure if this is normal, but it seems like another bug. Having Hawkeye weapons without even having a Venture license feels wrong.

Has anyone experienced this? How can I alert devs of this issue?