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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pink Kitty, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    So, i had an idea about loot, resources and FPS.

    And what i came up with was: Treasure blocks.

    Let me explain.
    So, in Minecraft, one of the things you can do, is spend huge amounts of resources, like diamonds and gold, to make blocks of diamond and gold.
    In addition to being blingy, it's also a handy way to stockpile large amounts of resources.

    So, i have a similar idea here.

    1. a simple block of some kind, like a literal block, or a tank. (depending on resources)
    2. It costs a lot of one resource, like say 50 celestite.
    3. It does nothing.
    4. But, it can be scrapped for 50 celestite.
    1. It acts as a straightforward way to transport large amounts of resources.
    2. It has little impact on FPS. And thus will give a way to stockpile large amounts of stuff, without stuffing up the frame rate.
    3. It gives a form of treasure that can be found on wrecks, or stolen from 'delivery boy' techs, or given as a reward.
    4. It lends legitimacy to the 'Pirate' play style, by allowing for resource type loot without adding any new code. A handful of these blocks of various types would duplicate the effects of a mining effort. and allow someone to progress in the game, without doing vast amounts of mining, if they don't want to.
    5. It would also expand on Venture's role by giving them a job that can be done by sheer speed alone: Deliver this valuable block to [Location X]
    Questions? comments?
  2. Zargn

    Zargn Administrator Moderator Canary Beta Deluxe TT Translator

    This would be great, and maybe have it be stored in the SCU? Maybe have have a new tab just for those blocks?
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  3. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    Certainly one way to get resources into the SCU.

    Sort of. :p
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  4. Dellamorte

    Dellamorte Well-Known Member Canary Beta Deluxe TT Streamer

    I am tending to think the same way now too. Now we have the SCU I feel it maybe better to have a storage block (or blocks) for resources too. Conveyors can still be used to move resources to the refineries (or what ever they will be called) and fabricators. This could do a lot of things for the game not least of which is to decrease slowdown of the game at late stages.
  5. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    Yeah. There's been a lot of talk about the Silos slowing stuff down.
    I didn't see it myself, until i made a base with two silos per resource.

    Very lag.

    And while i don't think it would be that hard to make a silo with no floating chunks, This solution needs no code.
    All we need is some simple crystalline/metallic blocks, and a couple of different coloured tanks for the fluids, and you're done.

    Heck, just reuse the angular single hawkeye block, apply a texture of the res chunk, add a recipe and you're done.
    and a new tab for the SCU menu when you have time.
  6. Lurkingdaemon

    Lurkingdaemon Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    I like this idea - perhaps resources could be 'compacted' through a device not unlike a modern compactor - which produces a singular 'super chunk' which is worth upwards of a large number of the regular resource chunks?

    I'd like to see this - perhaps an advanced Silo block which has it's own model and fill bar (like the fuel tanks) representing how full it is of chunks/compressed chunks, but doesn't display the individual floating chunks like the regular silo - perhaps hiding them away with dimensional SCIENCE like the SCU?
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  7. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    or a silo with one floating block that gets larger the more stuff goes in?
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  8. TheUberCannon

    TheUberCannon Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    The resource block idea is interesting, (gorilla), even better looking than the color blocks imo.
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  9. Lurkingdaemon

    Lurkingdaemon Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    I could get behind this. Obvious visual indication of (relatively) how much of a particular resource you have.

    Maybe the block could function similar to the existing Filtered GSO Silo - in that it automatically filters in the first chunk of any type that passes into it, and only allows other chunks of that same type as the first.
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  10. Potato

    Potato Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe IFTTES Lemon Kingdom

    I approve of the idea. Right now Terratech is focused on small-scale bases and Techs. But what if the player(s) want to go big? Silos filled to the brim with chunks are resource hogs, large Techs aside.

    Always wanted to haul my own cargo, but having a full silo with a large landship makes my game lag badly.
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  11. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

  12. Jamie

    Jamie PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer Community Manager

    I like the idea of this. I think we'd have to reevaluate the need for it once the resource and crafting economy is in full swing (there are a few big changes on the way) -- as we don't know what kind of resource management will surface at this stage.

    Could be cool though!
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  13. zanzistar

    zanzistar PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer Designer

    I love this. The resource transportation issue has been bothering me for a long time. This is a nice solution. It would still require crafting and bases to craft a resource cube and it could be done with everything we currently have.

    Very elegant. I can imagine setting up a base next to a resource rich area, then harvesting and processing chunks until I make a cube, then putting the cube in the SCU, packing up base and moving on. Nice.
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  14. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    Also, even if there is something else coming, this is an easy fix that can be done quickly, and there's no reason we can't have both :)
  15. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Canary Beta Deluxe Wiki Mod Streak1 Old Banners

    I was just about to post a topic with a similar idea. I definitely support it. Here are some ways to expand the idea a little bit:
    • Seeing as we have 3 types of scrappers, why not have 3 sizes of storage? Venture could be 10, GSO could be 25, GeoCorp could be 50. Or maybe 25, 50, 100? Or maybe GSO should be the least? I think each corps' capacity should reflect the amount of resources you use in crafting their respective blocks.

    • Instead of simply doing nothing, maybe they could be used as decorative blocks like in Minecraft? Granted, the ones in Minecraft don't look that good when used in multiples, but that doesn't need to be the case here. Wood could give you some logs to build with. Luxite could give you a big lamp to light up your base. Erudite could... uh... let's not think about that one...

    • Maybe they would have to be crafted with refined resources, and scrapping them would give you the raw stuff? Would be a nice way to turn refined resources back into raw ones if you need to. Something something entropy, something something impossible, something something IDGAF.
    • Packer blocks? Would be a nice thing to add to mobile tech to pack things on the go. These would only pack resources, no other crafting. Not really necessary since there are mobile fabricators, but it would be useful for players wanting to pack things in the early game, or who want to reduce costs.
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  16. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    1: Why? If they are essentially 1x1x1 blocks, who needs storage? Either stack them or stuff them in the SCU.

    2: That's what 'doing nothing' means. What does a pink deco block do? Nothing. It's there, it's pink. That's all. Same here. Make it glittery and shiny, like the diamond block i described.

    3: eh. if you want. i don't really care.

    4: I think by 'packing,' Zanzistar meant 'Let the SCU suck up the small base.'
  17. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Canary Beta Deluxe Wiki Mod Streak1 Old Banners

    Because if you want to craft them on the go, 50 resources is a bit too much. You will probably run out of room before you get that many of one type of resource, especially if you are using a smaller tech.

    This way, you have options for both base storage and mobile storage. Small capacity for harvesting so you don't run out of space, large capacity for bases so you don't have to constantly craft more storage blocks. Not to mention, multiple options can mean multiple sizes of blocks, which means more decoration options.

    Plus, if you wanted to craft on the go, having different sizes makes things more convenient. I mean, do you take a $50 bill when you just want to buy something that costs $5? No. You would rather just take the $5, so you don't end up with a ton of leftover bills. Same problem here, but worse, since there would only be the 50 chunks and the 1 chunks. Would you like a currency where you have a $50 and can only get back $1s? Again, that would take up a ton of space, and you would probably run out of room to store the leftovers.

    Also, side note, might not be a bad idea to have these be an exception to the rule of no blocks in collectors. That would make things more convenient for techs that don't have scrap magnets.
  18. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Account Banned

    Ah, i get it. I thought you were talking about making a new silo-type-thing.
    Different sized treasure blocks makes perfect sense.

    Though i have to say, butting treasure blocks on collectors seems against the grain.
    They're blocks.
    Stick 'em to your tech.
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  19. HappyApathy

    HappyApathy Well-Known Member Canary Beta Deluxe VTOL Pilot Bracket Builder People's Genius

    I see a bit of an issue here about this as it might not solve the issue of having tons of FPS sucking resource chunks floating at your base.

    Let's say I want to craft a GSO one block, it takes 1 wood chunk and 1 plumbite ore to make.

    I harvest up 50 wood chunks and 50 plumbite ore and compress (I think this process should get it's own specific crafting part rather then using the fabricators) them into 2 treasure blocks worth 50 of each.

    I carry them back to my crafting base and scrap (not sure if they should get their own specific "uncompressing" part or just use the scrapper) them for 50 wood and 50 plumbite ore, 1 wood and 1 ore follow the conveyor to my fabricator which spits out a single GSO one block.

    What happens to the 49 wood and 49 plumbite left over?

    The logical answer is to store them in regular silos for when their needed but that brings back the FPS issues caused by having so many individual chunks floating around. If @streak1 's idea of having smaller treasure blocks is implemented I could build some convoluted process to compress them into smaller denomination treasure blocks but this seems like a massive waste of time and effort considering how their already in the same conveyor loop as the fabricator and I would need to have another process just to scrap them again to break them back down into individual chunks for crafting when it would be far easier (if it weren't for the FPS issues) just to leave them as single chunks for when their needed.

    Ultimately treasure blocks need to be broken back down into single chunks to be used, and you will more then likely have leftover chunks that will need to be stored somewhere which just brings us back to the FPS issues caused by having so many chunks floating around in the first place.
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  20. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Canary Beta Deluxe Wiki Mod Streak1 Old Banners

    Would you rather have 49 of each resource left over, or 150? And even if it was only 49, if you want to do a lot of crafting, you would still save a lot of computer resources by doing this. If we had the smaller denominations, it would be less than 49. If we didn't, they could have them store 10 instead of 50 to drop it to 9.

    And it isn't really a waste of time and effort like you say. You just need to put a scrapper at the beginning and a dedicated fabricator at the end of your sorter.

    Set the one at the end to constantly craft what resource you want to store. It would work the same as using a delivery cannon for excess resources. Then you can just stick the resource blocks in the scrapper when needed. Seeing as you already need to set your fabricator to craft the blocks you want and you know what resources the recipe requires, it's only a few more clicks to make while you are waiting for the blocks to be crafted. Plus, you would already have a scrapper at the beginning for scrapping salvage. And once you get a big enough base, you can have dedicated fabricators for each type of resource, eliminating the clicks there.

    And the different denominations aren't bad either. Just feed them through the system again if you want a different size.

    The scrappers are already there, and the fabricators end up being an alternative for a delivery cannon. You already have to wait for blocks to be crafted, so you have plenty of downtime to set up the storage while you are waiting. Doesn't seem like much of a waste to me.
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