Tougher Enemies, AI Changes.

Should Enemies Be Tougher?

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May 13, 2017
Some time ago, There was an unstable ver. patch where the enemies were beefed up way too much, to where i needed to make a combat tech dedicated to beating tougher techs. I had a lot of fun beating these hard enemies, more than the underleveled techs that you often find now in the endgame.

I feel like there should be tougher enemies in the game, most of them don't give you a challenge when you got 2 or more megaton-level guns and a decent ammount of battery power. Here is the solution i would recommend.

The enemies that regularly appear shouldn't change, but when your tech reaches a certain price, you should get enemies that somewhat match with that, therefore if you want more difficult enemies, you'll go with a more expensive tech, this will also keep them challenging even with a high power tech, and if you don't want a big challenge, you can keep your techs on the cheaper side (what you would regularly use).

Also, tech sniping is something that should be fixed, if you want to beat any tech, all you need is 1 venture avalanche launcher, its missiles will travel way beyond the enemies AI activation, giving you a 100% chance of destroying it.
My solution is simple, if the enemy tech is taking damage (from the player or other enemies) it's AI should be activated no matter the distance for a set ammount of time (10 secs maybe?), this way, if you try to snipe it, it should chase after you.

Also also, the "Flanking" that some enemy techs do is extremely ANNOYING , when they try to get behind you and will refuse to do anything but move backwards trying to get on your back, for an endless amount of time, what's annoying about this is that your guns can't anticipate their movements, so you'll miss all your bullets. "Use backwards guns then" they make your tech look bad, and the issue is still there.
I think your guns should anticipate the enemies movement taking into account the player's and enemy's speed and direction, at least with these flanking techs, for other techs the guns could behave normally, if you don't wanna change that.


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Nov 21, 2017
I wonder if the devs would be willing to add extremely large techs to the enemy pool. I mean, it would be cool to fight techs that actually use rows of Monster or Behemoth wheels with firepower to match, and I'd love to have a boss battle against a hover battleship type tech. But if I'm at the end game, I want to feel like I'm at the end game. That means easily popping enemy techs. Maybe having swarms of smaller enemies spawn if you are really big would be a good compromise.
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Apr 22, 2017
By the way, there is a "cheat" in the game, which makes player-controlled techs significantly tougher compared to ai-controlled.

As an experiment, spawn two identical techs in creative mode - one for AI and one for yoursrlf and attack.

You will notice that player does more damage and that ai-blocks lose atrachment several times easier compared to player tech.